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What year did John Wayne pass away and how old was he?

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    John Wayne:

    Born Marion Robert Morrison on May 26, 1907, Died June 11, 1979 at age 72.

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    Im so sorry for your loss, on your previous question i hope you didnt take offence or think i was being harsh as that was not intended (but i did get thumbs down) i simply was comparing to my old boy in his last weeks and from your description was just so similar! I am very sorry for your loss she did so well to get to 17 yrs and you should be very proud of yourself she lived that long because she was kept healthy and had a great life and that should give you piece of mind but nothing anyone can say can ease the pain (ive been through exactlty the same). As for a new dog if you feel like you are replacing your wonderful girl then dont do it yet - wait a little took me 9 months to get another after Hooch. But everyone deals with things differently and there is no right or wrong its all about how you feel, you may need time to grieve cause you will have had a rough time with this. As for your other dog they do generally adapt well to change she will be quiet for a couple of weeks but give her plenty of loves and attention as i said do what you feel is right. Good luck and im so sorry.

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    In 1979 at age 72.

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    11 June 1979, Los Angeles, California, USA. (lung & stomach cancer)

    He was in 170 movies and I'm pretty sure has the world record for most movies.

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    1. June 11, 1979

    2. Obviously too old if you ask his coroner.

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