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Who are the three people running for the Israel elections?


prez And how do you know so much?

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    I assume you mean for the next general elections currently slotted to occur in two and a half years.

    Israel does not have direct elections like America, rather party based elections. While each party has a figurehead who is supposed to be the main representative of the party, one is expected to vote for a party's values first. By your question I assume you're asking for these party heads.

    The 'Big Three' in current Israeli politics are Kadima, Likud and Labor. Classically only Likud and Labor battled for the top spot, with Likud representing the Right and Labor the Left. Now with the advent of Kadima, roles have shifted around somewhat. Likud remains the candidate for the Right, while Kadima and Labor split the Left position, with each party being more liberal in some aspects than the other.

    Anyway, the currently leaders of these three parties are Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for Kadima, Defense Minister Ehud Barak for Labor and Opposition Leader Binyamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu for Likud. However, Olmert is amazingly unpopular with the Israeli electorate, and it could be that by next election his #2 Tzippi Livni will take over the top spot, as she is a much more popular candidate.

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    I think Ehud Barak will be in the elections.

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    I haven't checked to see who is running but hopefully all turns out well.

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