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angelman syndrome?

what are the some facts about angelman syndrome?

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    Angelman syndrome, caused by a genetic defect on chromosome 15, includes developmental delay, near absence of speech, and facial abnormalities. The most striking characteristic of someone with Angelman syndrome, though, is the appearance of being happy most of the time, with frequent smiling and prolonged episodes of laughter.

    Angelman syndrome may occur in people of all ethnic backgrounds. About 70-75% of individuals born with Angelman syndrome have no family history of the disorder.


    Individuals with Angelman syndrome share common characteristics:

    Developmental delay and functional impairment

    Disparity between understanding language and speaking; speaks few or no words; may be able to use nonverbal gestures

    Short attention span, hyperactivity, easily excitable, appears happy, frequent smiling and/or laughing

    Difficulty with movement or balance, including difficulty walking and/or tremors of limbs.

    In addition, individuals with Angelman syndrome may have:

    Seizures of any type

    Delayed, disproportionate growth of head in childhood

    Hypopigmented skin and eyes

    Wide mouth, widely-spaced teeth, protruding tongue, drooling, feeding problems and frequently putting things in the mouth during infancy

    Sleep disturbance.

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    This is a complex syndrome that affects the nervous system. There is usually mental retardation, speech deficits, seizures and small head size. Weirdly many of these people are blond. They tend to be happy, excitable kids who often mouth objects and flap their hands.

    It is usually caused by an inactive gene inherited from the mother. Normally each parent has a copy of a certain gene. When the mother's copy is inactive, then Angelman's will be evident.

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    There is an Angelman syndrome website - google it!

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    The Angelman Syndrome commencing up (ASF) replaced into based as a examine company in 1989 (initially referred to as the Angelman examine team) via Dr. Charles Williams, a pediatrician, scientific geneticist and committed Angelman Syndrome (AS) researcher. with the aid of fact the AS community got here to realize the cost of the corporate, it quickly developed right into a relatives help and advocacy team. on the instant, ASF is the ideal company offering training and help for human beings, families and physicians dealing with AS and investment examine to locate a therapy for the ailment and its many warning signs.

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