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HP or Dell?


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    HP all the way. My family got a new Dell about 2 years ago. After only about a year, it has started messing up, it won't let you update any files, and most of the time it won't let you get on the internet. The dell company wants to charge us for getting advice on what's wrong with it.

    We had an older HP before that, it hardly ever gave us problems, we only got the new one because the old HP was slow and outdated. I have an HP laptop, it is great: very fast, lots of memory, cheaper than the Dell laptops. I would definately say HP is the way to go, especially for a laptop.

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    We have HP's at work and I have a couple Dell's at home,

    I've had better luck with the Dell. The differences seem to be that the keyboard, CD/DVD drive, docking station, etc seem to malfunction more often with the HP's but the hard drives don't seem to last as long on the Dells.

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    Go with HP. Their more reliable. I had to friends tell me that they bought a dell and it was a bad one. They tried returing it but dell wouldtn take it back. HP all the way. Or get a mac.

  • 1 decade ago more user friendly....HP/Compaq have embeded management that always seems to cause problems...and yes as stated above..keyboard issues as well...btw: the hard drive issue will Dell was resolved (bad batch from maxtor)

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    assuming that you wnat to purchase one

    i would recommend hp, i have had no problems using my Hp notebook and have recvd quality service from them...

    Hp - they are reliable - if u want to buy one log on to or u may call 800-474-6836 talk to a tech configure n/b then order it....

    all the best

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    none of them, build your own PC.

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