What is a good basic PS2 car racing game?

I introduced my 5 year old to my PS2 this weekend and he's hooked. We rented a Pixar "Cars" racing game and he loves it. Given he's 5 and has never used the system before, he needs time to figure out the basics and the "Cars" game is a little tricky for him with navagating around the course.

Is there a basic, simple car racing game out there that I could buy for him? Like a NASCAR game where it's a race car going around a track and the car can't diviate off the track? If I don't sit there and help him navigate on "Cars", he ends up against a wall or off the track. I'd like to find him a game where he could reach the end without having me stand on top of him and having to help out every 5 seconds.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    NFS Prostreet

    Midnight Club 3

    i dont think ur son should play anything other than Cars, he could play like crash bandicoot and stuff.

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