What's the average commission levels I could expect from selling Car Insurance and Home Owners respectively?

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I'm already a licensed Life and Health Agent. I'm researching opening a P&C office. I know P&C commission amounts are lower than what I've had experience with but what ...show more
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Depends on the contract, but industry average is between 8% - 20% first year commision. Renewals depend on the contract, but are usually in the same ballpark.

For calculation purposes, I usually use 15%.

For a more indepth article: http://www.insuranceyak.com/how-much-com...


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  • Sue answered 6 years ago
    It depends on the company & state. Our book is 10-17% on auto & 15%-25% on homeowners & umbrella. Yes, we still have homeowner companies that pay 25% homeowners commission. Most of our companies pay the same commission on new business & renewals. Some pay lower for renewals when they have a service center.


    Insurance agent
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  • mbrcatz answered 6 years ago
    If you use your own contracts, it's about 10% for car, and 15% for home.

    The good news is, commissions are the same for renewals, and competition for the business isn't as heavy. The advantage over life & health, is that after a few years, you can rely on your renewals and walkins more and more, and don't have to keep knocking yourself out with sales.


    agent, 21+ years
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