Filing state taxes in Arkansas?

I would like to know is there any one that could help with this matter. What has happen is I lived in Texas for 3 years and did not change my Drivers license to Texas. Now I moved back to Arkansas and they say I owe them state taxes for those years. Is this correct? I asked for documentation from Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration that says if you keep Arkansas Drivers License you have to state tax and they said that there is none. I have searched the wed to find this law with no luck. I can’t just take someone’s word for it with out documentation to back it up. What do I do!!


I paid rent and utilities in my name. I was employed in Texas and when I was unemployed the unemployment check can for Texas not Arkansas.

Update 2:

So there is no where in the tax law that says that you pay taxes according to the driver’s license you hold.

Update 3:

So right me a ticket but don’t charge me for 10,000 dollars worth of taxes. Is what I say!!!

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    You don't pay taxes based on where you're licensed, you pay based on where you live. You could go through the motions of refiling those three years, but you would be filing as a non-resident with $0 Arkansas income (assuming you didn't have income in the state).

    If you can't convince them with proof of residence in Texas, prove it with the forms.

    (Ask yourself this question: do you plan to go to college in Arkansas? If you give up your Arkansas residency for these years you were in Texas, you will also be giving up resident tuition. You'll end up paying full price, and it might be worth it to just pay the state taxes.)

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    You will have to prove you were a legal resident of Texas for those years. And you were violating the law by not getting a Texas driver license when you moved there - if you had, you wouldn't have this problem now.

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    This happens quite a bit.

    If you never changed your driver's license, Arkansas (and other states) treat it as though you never left.

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    If you have not Arkansas source income you won't owe anything.

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