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Whatup Alaskans?

I'm movin to Wasilla, and I wanna know if the quality of the people is like people say. People from Alaska are always complaining about how they don't like the opposite gender well I'm 24 year old male and I wanna get married eventually.

Here is the **** that's scaring me.;_ylt=AtWUP...;_ylt=AhltV...

I also read a news report about 2 adult women robbing 8 year old trick or treaters at gunpoint in Wasilla.

Thing that scares me is that all the complmaints about Alaska come from Alaskans themselves. I really wouldn't take it to heart if it were coming from anyone else.

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    Don’t be afraid! Our women are good people. Just like anywhere else you have a few that are best to stay away from. In Anchorage and the near by towns you have a big mix of types of women, from the city lady who hangs out at the malls to the outdoorsy lady who hunts and fish. You have the urban suburbanite lady as well.

    We also have lots of Native American women. And while most of the Native ladies are super nice people many have drug, alcohol abuse problems and domestic abuse problems. This is partly due to the pressure the white society has placed on the native life style and in their culture. Many young men move up here to marry a native girl because of all the perks involved. I wont go into that but believe me when I say many a man married a native girl only to have a problematic life ending in divorce. A clash of cultures if you will. Native girls are also preyed upon by twisted men thus adding to the native girls grief.

    Just like any city in the USA we have the nice girls and the ones who are predators of men out to seduce them, use them and rip them off.

    However I would say that we have more nice girls here percentage wise than any where else in the USA. Alaskan women take pride in being beautiful but resilient and resourceful. Overall they are the last of the pioneer minded women; fiercely loyal, hard working, good mothers, great neighbors, and lol a wife that will drag you back into the bedroom for more!

    Also they know more about cars, trucks, ATV’s, snow machines, small aircraft etc than most men in the lower 48 do.

    We take pride in our Alaskan women, THEY ROCK!

    Beware of fakes, yep the ones that move here and try to act like an Alaskan lady. Many women have moved here because they think there are more men than women to find a guy. But it’s not like that so much anymore. In fact in my small town there are far more females than men. :)

    Now be careful of Anchorage, there are gangs there and a number of unscrupulous people of both genders. In fact we refer to Anchorage as LosAnchorage; as a wana-be Los Angeles.

    But fear not! For the lady of your dreams will most certainly be found in our state!

    I humbly bow to the dear women of our state of ALL races and creeds; for you have my utmost respect dear ladies!

    I like Wasilla and Palmer but I prefer the small towns in the northern Panhandle of our state.

    You will fall in love with Alaska! If you have more questions about our state feel free to email me from my profile.

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    L O L 10/10

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    I would check the two above sites for reassurance. We spent five months in Alaska, last year, and didn't notice everything you are worried about.

    Two of our five months were in Anchorage and we traveled to Palmer and Wasilla quite often. anything concerning this type behaviour might have happened in Anchorage were there was a gang problem. Hopefully they have that taken care of by now. It was bascilly a problem between Somoans. Can you imagine moving from an island in paradise to the cold of Alaska. their problems were taking their hand guns to make-up football games.

    All the people we ran into were just wonderful, they would go out of their way to help you.

    Good luck wirh your move

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