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computer starts up extremely slow?

ok , this just started happening , mabie 3-5 days ago . Now i have scaned my computer with antispywear and antivirus software and there are no infections . I turned off almost every program from startup , and i used crap cleaner to delete cookies , temp files and so on . So why is my computer starting up slow . It takes mabie 8-10 minutes for me to be able to get on the internet , whereas a month ago it took 1-2 minutes at the most . Now once the computer is loaded up it works fast as it allways did .

I didnt add any new programs or anything . So could you give me some advice on what i can do to make my computer load up faster . Oh yeah , and i have vista if that matters .

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    With pc optimizer pro you can safely clean, repair and optimize your computer.

    It will help improve your system performance.

    Good luck!

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    Why is my computer slow? I bet you have asked yourself that very question time and time again. And for the most part, you probably just can not figure it out. Ask the guy next to you, and they probably don’t have the foggiest idea either. I mean, you may get the “spyware,virus” answer, but this most likely is not the case.

    The first place I check when my computer starts to run slower is the registry. Yes, the registry. Most people don’t even know what, or where the registry is, and especially don’t understand how this can slow a computer down. Let me explain.

    Basically, the registry files contain information and settings for all of the software, hardware, operating system software, and anything else running on your computer. Mess any of these files up, and the computer does not know how to function. The computer goes to start up the software, looks for the registry files, and either can not find it or finds something that does not look like it is suppose to look like. It then just sits there: it does not know what to do next. This is where the “hanging” or “locking up” of your computer comes from. These files will need to be fixed.

    To fix the registry files, find a good quality registry repair software called registry cleaner and run it on your computer.Top 5 registry cleaners can be found in here: .It will tell you how many files are corrupted and need to be fixed. Just tell the software to fix it and it restores all of the registry files to their correct configuration. It is really that simple. It may take only about 5 minutes to perform this check. And then as a maintenance item for your computer, I would recommend performing this registry fix at least once a week. This will always ensure your registry files are good, and keep your computer running with no slow,freezing and errors. So if you find yourself asking why is my computer slow, I would check the registry files first.

    Now you can check out ,there are reviews of top rated registry cleaners and a clear guide to tell you how to speed up your computer.And from there you also can get a free scan to fix any problems such as computers slow,computer freezing, computer errors and getting the blue death screen.

    Hope that can help you.

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    run these two programs will fix you up

    Do all this

    Clean Up Computer


    Download and run superantispyware. I was put onto this program because of an annoying popup (XP or Vista plus all OS preceding)

    Superantispyware is a good program and remember to update it before scanning. A scan may take 45mins.

    afterwards clean up the registry with this

    Clean up pc and IE


    To clean up run this Microsoft’s windows live program. It does registry, spyware , virus , disk clean up and defrag

    It takes 2 hours or more so once it starts to load x file of x you can leave the computer and go to bed etc.

    XP Users

    Vista Users

    Run the full safety scanner, then at the end of the scan it asks you to set it running full time.

    Think twice about setting it to run in the background as it could be another thing to slow you down. However, it may be worth while if you have no other security programs running.

    Consider the following options:

    I personally run Norton 360 which is full internet security and run superantispyware when I want to.

    So if you don’t have a decent internet security program then perhaps run the superantispyware with your antivirus in the background.

    If you sick of antivirus programs that don’t work perhaps run onecare full time and run superantispyware whenever.

    Now you should be flying and Onecare has even set up a new system restore point for you.

    Note onecare does other stuff as well. Click on the menus on the LHS column.

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    How old is your computer/specs? And what OS are you using? If you are using Windows Vista, it takes about a minute to load - on loading the OS ie. before you Log In etc. If it is slow when it shows the desktop, then their are too many startups programs loading. Start > search Run > msconfig > OK Remove unwanted startup apps > OK > Reboot Start > search Services > Services > OK Safely disable any unwanted processes, or change to Manual - [Use with Caution!] Examples: Smart Card, some Remote features, Windows Defender (only if you do not use it). For the two above, you can use 'systeminternals' Autoruns instead Run Disk Cleanup - to remove internet/temp files. Download - Auslogics Disk Defrag 1.5 [Free] - use this to defrag the hdd. - CCleaner - clears out all the junks files, check remove old prefetch files. - SUPERAntiSpyware [4.23], Spybot S&D [1.6] - to check for any unwanted malware running on the computer. - If not already an Antivirus scanner - I recommend Avast! Home OR Avira Free - [choose 1 only] OR, if you have one already - use Eset's online scanner. EDIT: Or your computer is not powerful enough to handle everything. I also recommend Comodo Firewall w/ Defense+ (HIPS)

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    U don't mention what OS U use I answer it hope U use WinXp .

    right click on my computer > Properties > Advance > Performance setting > Advance > Virtual Memory change >

    Change the Virtual memory drive by "SET" C Drive have no paging file & "SET" D , E or any other drive have "custom" Paging file ( Min size will be Double of RAM & Max Size will be Re-Double of RAM). This will Deff Increase the speed of ur computer Try this out .

    If possible Then Format your computer & Reload all S\W it Will Deff work

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    If you have check your computer for the ussual problems that plague computers ie: virus problems, system errors and defraged your hard drive, check that you have enough free space on your hard drive and your system still runs slow!!

    Try this as well, run memtest to check for faulty memmory then find out what brand of hard drive and go to there web site, they usually have diagnostic utility to test for a failing drive.

    Note: some drives will test as good but are still very slow, try replacing the drive.

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    Lots of reasons why the PC can run slow. Low RAM for instance, it can also be the poor performance of the HDD as a result of too much stuff stored on it, lack of free space or the disease of fragmentation having grown so much that its making every operation slowdown.

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    I'm fairly proficient with computers and troubleshooting and all that crap, but even I can't figure out exactly what causes your computer to slow down so much. I guess I never bothered to learn, I just find it easier to save everything to my external HDD and format C:/ and reinstall windows every 6 months or so.

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    From the control panel,you could

    -remove programs using Remove or add programme

    -defragment your disc using Power Defragment GUI

    -download disc defragmentor from the internet

    Good luck

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    try scanning your computer with panda online active scan this is genuinely free for the scan plus removes virus's you might have either way it will tell you if you have an infection. It would also help to know what anti-v anti-spy you use

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