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Spider man (2002) 好睇ge地方

我好想知Spider man (2002) 好睇ge地方



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    以下網友評論應對你有用 (已節錄及 highlight 了些重點給你):

    This Spider Has A Powerful Sting; This Film Was Worth The Wait, A Truly Great Film

    Look up in the sky it a bird, it a plane no it’s Spiderman and now it time for him to take down the bad guys. You know it is the summertime when Hollywood brings out there big guns and hope to make some summer movie cash.

    Well there are some movies I can’t wait to see in the theaters and give a review for. Spiderman is my first film on my list and let me tell you. This film has a lot of buzz behind it and trust me it is worth the wait. Because this is one truly great comic book turn into a big action movie. For anyone who has never heard of Spiderman here a little bit about the background.

    Peter Parker is you typical student; he works at his school newspaper. He lives with his uncle Ben and Aunt May who loves their grandson to death. But at a school trip, a genetically altered spider bites Peter. But thinking that he is just sick he takes a nap and when he has awakened he notices that his body has to become changes, he is endowed with the strength and agility of a spider along with ESP-like Spider Sense.

    When a tragedy hits close to home. Spiderman vows to fight crime and destroyed a enemy called The Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe) who hate everything the Spiderman does as the two battle until there is only one as it going to be a web filed ride..

    I been waiting to see Spiderman for the longest time and there is million of comic books fans who is also waiting to see it. Well you wait is over because it is out and it is outstanding. I am waiting this review at 1:00 in the morning I am so tired but I cannot let you guys down. I have to tell you about this great film......

    This film does not disappoint. If you read the comic or see any of the beginning cartoons you will understand this film. If you are new to this type of film then hold on to your seat it going to be a fun filled ride. The second question everyone wants to know is that the main actor himself Tobey Maguire can he acted like a good Spiderman. I think he did granted he is not one of the best actors around. Esp. to my friend he cannot stand the guy.

    But he played the part good and had the build for it. Which he should after all the training he went thru for this part. Kirsten Dunst was also good in the film as his girl he want to be his girlfriend, but to us she is Eye candy and trust she is very good Eye candy which in some scenes she steam up the screen trust me, The villain of the film is played by Willem Dafoe who was a very good villain; but in couple of screens I think he kind of overdid it but hey this film is not trying to win any Oscars only dollars bills.

    The third thing everyone wants to know is? Does the film look good? Most of the scenes when he is flying turn New York are CGI but it looks good. Thank god I was praying that they was not going to make it cheesing look and they did not. You will know when CGI is use and when it is not use. Anyone who has played the video game for PS2, X-Box and Gamecube some of the movies he does in the movie you may remember from the game.

    Also Spiderman had some funny scenes in it that was a nice touch to thrown in. Also last but not least there is two cameos in the film one if you blink you will miss him. I give you a hint he the person who created the comic book. I think it was him it looks like him. But like I said it was so fast when he came up on the screen. Also there is a wrestler in the film as well.

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