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2.acronym words




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    1.eponym: A word or name derived from the name of a person. 從人名衍生而來的英文字.

    The words "atlas, bowdlerize, and Turing machine" are eponyms.

    2.acronym: A word formed from the initial letters of a name 首字語

    , such as "WAC" for Women's Army Corps 如"WAC" 是"Women's Army Corps" 的首字語, or by combining initial letters or parts of a series of words有時是取每個單字的前幾個字母所合成的字, such as "radar" for radio detecting and ranging. words: a word directly taken into one language from another

    with little or no translation. 外來語. 如karate空手道

    4.blend: A word produced by combining parts of other words, as smog from smoke and fog. 把幾個字的部份合成一個字, 如smog=smoke + fog.

    5.compound:A word that consists either of two or more elements that are independent words, such as loudspeaker, baby-sit. 由兩個以上的單字所組合成的字, 如說話大聲的人, 保姆, 高中.

    Source(s): American Heritage Dictionary
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