Is anyone willing to check my report about the Word "War"? I'd really prefer if a High Scool teacher check it

Here is half(I will email whole to anyone willing to check it. Plz desperate help! )

The three letter word, “War” is seen almost daily from many types of media sources, and when looked at with a casual perspective, it does not seem to affect us in any way. And because it is seen so regularly, it is not given the amount of thought that it truly deserves. However, for someone who really cares, it is much, much more than just a three letter word. It can invoke emotions and feelings that could make even a grown man cry. It can devastate thousands of people’s homes and land, and can bring chaos to their lives. It can be the difference between life and death, wealth and poverty, and freedom and slavery. You see, war is more than just a word, it is an event that will always be changing people’s lives, sometimes for the better, but most of time for the worse.

War, as defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary is, “A state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between nations,”


It is Due tomorrow unfortuneatly. All I need is someone to quickly scan through it. If you could it would be truly great. Thanx in advance to anyone that does

Update 2:

continued .......however it is in no way limited to just this. There are peaceful wars that are battled with speech and not weaponry. And these are the ones that conclude with a good ending and not a bad. Unfortunately, there are a very few of these see such debacles. In most wars, a debate is fought with a nation’s power. In many, the goal is to use arms to damage or destroy a group of people into compliance. They are usually very brutal and cruel attacks that almost always end with bloodshed. “Air, water and soil are polluted, man and animal are killed, and numerous health affects occur among those still living” (LennTech). Wars are usually sad tragedies, which brings me to my next point.

100% of the time, wars are full of emotion. Whether it be sadness after finding out a loved one has been killed in action, or whether a country has been finally freed from tyrannical oppression, emotion always fills the air.

Update 3:

Cont in the same way they usually bring about a lot of grief. When we as a nation watch the news in the morning we constantly see casualties from the war in Iraq and it deeply saddens us. Hearing that our fellow countrymen and heroes have passed away is not something to be taken lightly. And it is sad to say that when a problem, such as war, doesn’t affect us personally, we usually discard it as unimportant.

Wars almost always bring about change. Whether it be within the government or the people, change is an effect of war. Sometimes the change is financial, and a country either gains money or land that is rightfully theirs or goes into a recession. Sometimes the change is political, and a government is abolished, and a new one is established for the better of the people. And even other times, the change happens among the citizens of the nation. With war, someone or some group of people is unhappy in its current state and for its problem to be known a war must break out.

Update 4:

continued..... Usually, if the People’s morals and ethics are reasonable, the dispute is easily settled.

War is a complicated subject. It has hundreds of meanings and effects that have truly shape our world into what it is today. You see, war is not just a word.

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    I would be willing to proof read your report. Your first sentence is a run-on. Your second sentence shouldn't begin with the word "And".

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    When's it due

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