Personal thoughts- TWILIGHT the movie?

1) what do u think of as kristen s. as bella and robert p. as edward?

2) do u have high or low expectations for it?

3) Who do u have in mind for other roles (jacob, carlisle, jasper, alice, esme, rosalie, emmet, lauren, jessica, mike,

charlie, rene, victoria, ect.)

i personaly think Kristen is a great choice. Robert is ok, they better make him look a bit hotter tho... or more edwardish i should say.

I think the movie will be great, i mean the story has only one order and they cant screw around with it like in HP so it should be safe.

some people i have in mind is

steven straight- jacob

katie holmes- esme

tom brady- emmet

rachel leigh cook- alice

alison sudol- victoria

katie cassidy- rosalie

cillian murphey- james

shane west- carlisle

britney snow- lauren

alexia v.- jessica

jason dolly- mike

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. um kristin s. for bella is fine

    but im not really digging robert p.

    i mean Henry Cavill was absolutley perfect for Edward

    knowing that i dont want anybody else haha

    2. ehhh it will definatley ruin my version of the book

    the book will always beat the movie!

    3. basically her original casting for the movie

    except for jacob

  • I for one cant wait. I dont think they'll be alble to live up to the book. Jason is soooooo cte he should be in it. They should make edward really hot.

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