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Personal Thoughts- TWILIGHT the movie?

1) what do u think of as kristen s. as bella and robert p. as edward?

2) do u have high or low expectations for it?

3) Who do u have in mind for other roles (jacob, carlisle, jasper, alice, esme, rosalie, emmet, lauren, jessica, mike,

charlie, rene, victoria, ect.)

i personaly think Kristen is a great choice. Robert is ok, they better make him look a bit hotter tho... or more edwardish i should say.

I think the movie will be great, i mean the story has only one order and they cant screw around with it like in HP so it should be safe.

some people i have in mind is

steven straight- jacob

katie holmes- esme

tom brady- emmet

rachel leigh cook- alice

alison sudol- victoria

katie cassidy- rosalie

cillian murphey- james

shane west- carlisle

britney snow- lauren

alexia v.- jessica

jason dolly- mike


filming starts this february, the movie will be out in 2009 (summer-ish)

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    Well, i have to agree with you about Bella, i think she's fitting, but the guy they picked for edward...EW! i mean he's not completely unfortunate but he is NOTHING like what i had pictured for edward. I honestly almost hate to see this turned into a movie because i think people should read the book and picture the characters for themselves rather than have them depicted, possibly improperly, on film. As for the other characters, the only one i think of is rachel leigh cook as Alice...she is pretty much it in that case.

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    when is it coming out?

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