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Rate these names please!!! (Girl and Boy names)?

Please give your opinions on these names:


Jordin Rose

Michaela Jane

Kylie Rose

Madeleine Nicole

Dayna Lynn

Mackenzie Mae


Cameron David

Parker Joseph

Matthew John

Shane Lee

Dejay Patrick

Tom Joseph (not Thomas, just Tom)

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  • Erika
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    1 decade ago
    Best Answer

    Jordin Rose- 8

    I like the name a lot. Both names actually, but I like Jordin spelled Jordan better.

    Michaela Jane- 9

    I like the combo a lot, the only thing is that Jane is a little boring

    Kylie Rose- 8.5

    I like this a lot. It's very pretty. But its just so common right now. I like Kylie better with a different middle name.

    Madeleine Nicole-10

    its pretty. Different without being weird. I like it a lot. So pretty!

    Dayna Lynn- 7.5

    I don't love either one. I kind of like Dayna spelled Dana. Lynn is okay, but pretty boring.

    Mackenzie Mae-7

    I like Mackenzie a little bit. It's not my favorite name though. And Mae starts off too similarly to Mackenzie.

    Cameron David-9

    cute combination and I like both names, Cameron is cute but it's just not my favorite.

    Parker Joseph- 8.5

    I like Parker with Joseph. It sounds very cute. I love Joseph, but Parker isn't my favorite, but it's not terrible, its kind of cute.

    Matthew John- 9.5

    I like the combination a lot. It sounds nice together and both are strong and traditional names. I just think it is a little too common but it is classic.

    Shane Lee- 9

    I like this a lot. Shane is different but not over the top. It sounds good with Lee, but Lee is kind of boring.

    Dejay Patrick- 4

    I like Patrick. Not Dejay at all. Sorry.

    Tom Joseph- 7.5

    I like Joseph but Tom is kind of weird without being Thomas. It's kind of cute but people will always assume that it is Thomas. It's to informal.

  • Girls:

    Jordin Rose 6

    Michaela Jane 5

    Kylie Rose 9

    Madeleine Nicole 8

    Dayna Lynn 8

    Mackenzie Mae 8


    Cameron David 9

    Parker Joseph 8

    Matthew John 4

    Shane Lee 9

    Dejay Patrick 3

    Tom Joseph (not Thomas, just Tom) 4

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    Jordin Rose - Alright. Rose is a pretty common middle name though.

    Michaela Jane - Maybe you could change the spelling to Jayne. I think that would be prettier.

    Kylie Rose - Pretty.

    Madeleine Nicole - I love this name best. Its really pretty and sweet.

    Dayna Lynn - Love this name too

    Mackenzie Mae - I like Mae but not Mackenzie.


    Cameron David - I like this name best.

    Parker Joseph - This is nice too.

    Matthew John - Both names are pretty common.

    Shane Lee - Nice. I like the name Shane a lot. Maybe not with Lee.

    Dejay Patrick - Sorry but i don't like this name at all.

    Tom Joseph (not Thomas, just Tom) - Cute.

  • 1 decade ago

    ok im doing a scale of 1-10 ten is the best.

    Jordin Rose -7 i like it a lot its very unique

    Michaela Jane - 6 i like how you spelled it different but could cause a lot of having to spell it out which can get old

    Kyli Rose- 5 just not my fav. but a cute name

    Madeleine Nicole- 10 i love this name it is so cute and a nice name for a child or adault

    Dayna Lynn - 9 sounds very grown up and nice

    Mackenzie Mae-8 i like it


    Cameron David - 8 i love both names

    Parker Joseph- 6 its different cool though

    Matthew John - 7 sounds religous kinda...also Matthew is kinda common i try to steer clear of those it got confusing in class we had a matt a matt f mathew g yeah you get it.

    Shane Lee - 9 i like this a lot

    Dejay Patrick - 10 i love this name it is awsome

    Thomas(tom) Joseph- 9 or 10 i really like it every tom or thomas i have ever met was very nice not too common

    overall excellent choices please let me know what you decide on when you decide

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  • 1 decade ago


    Jordin Rose - Nahhhhh...Jordin sounds like a guys name

    Michaela Jane - Sounds Hispanic..the Michaela bit (If thats what you looking for).

    Kylie Rose - Sounds pretty.

    Madeleine Nicole - Nahhhh

    Dayna Lynn - I like this one! Dana looks even better.

    Mackenzie Mae - nahhhh!


    Cameron David - nope

    Parker Joseph - nope

    Matthew John - nice

    Shane Lee - Shane sounds very nice..I luv this name!

    Dejay Patrick - Nope

    Tom Joseph (not Thomas, just Tom) - Thomas sounds better.

  • Girls:

    Jordin Rose.. ........Not a bad name

    Michaela Jane...... Nice name

    Kylie Rose............ So so

    Madeleine Nicole... Like this name

    Dayna Lynn........... not really

    Mackenzie Mae.... Love the name Mckenzie


    Cameron David...........very nice

    Parker Joseph .......... nice name

    Matthew John........... Classic , Solid name

    Shane Lee ... Shane yesI would pair it with Joseph

    Dejay Patrick .....Forget it Dejay???????

    Tom Joseph (not Thomas, just Tom).... Thomas Joseph YES

    Tom is a nickname for Thomas

  • 1 decade ago

    Jordan Rose, is pretty, with this spelling(7)

    Michaela Jane is cute, I like Michaela Rose better(8)

    Kylie Rose, cute (7)

    Madelenie Nicole(6), it's okay

    Dayna Lynn, Okay(5)

    Mackenzie Mae(4) not crazy about the name

    Kenzie Rose(8), I like the name

    Cameron David, Strong name (8)

    Parker Joseph, I do not like Parker(5)

    Matthew John, strong classic name(9)

    Shane Lee(6) Shane Joseph(8), Shane David(8)

    Dejay Patrick, I do not like(2)

    Thomas Joseph, Tom(9)

  • 1 decade ago


    Jordin Rose ~ 7

    Michaela Jane ~ 7

    Kylie Rose ~ 8

    Madeleine Nicole ~ 6

    Dayna Lynn ~ 4

    Mackenzie Mae ~ 6


    Cameron David ~ 9

    Parker Joseph ~ 8

    Matthew John ~ 10

    Shane Lee ~ 4

    Dejay Patrick ~ 6

    Tom Joseph (not Thomas, just Tom) ~ 5

  • 1 decade ago


    Jordin Rose - Like Rose, not Jordin

    Michaela Jane - Gorgeous!!! Love it

    Kylie Rose - Just okay

    Madeleine Nicole - Very pretty

    Dayna Lynn - I would love Dana Lynn

    Mackenzie Mae - Don't like it, sorry.


    Cameron David - Nice

    Parker Joseph - Also nice

    Matthew John - Love it

    Shane Lee - Don't like it

    Dejay Patrick - No. I love Patrick, not Dejay.

    Tom Joseph (not Thomas, just Tom) - No, would need to be Thomas for me.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jane Madeleine would be lovely. Just say no to Jordin, Kylie, Dayna, and Mackenzie. Your middle names are boring and predictable. Why not mix it up with something more interesting in the middle?

    Your male names have far greater potential. David, Joseph, Matthew, John, and Patrick are all good. But come on. Dejay? If you must call him that, go with David Joseph/John and use his initials. I think Patrick David would be my pick, if I can mix and match. Matthew John is definitely the best if the combinations you posted.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jordan Lyn is my name. My daughter is Mackenzie. And I really like the name Thomas for a boy.


    Jordin Rose---I really like it

    Michaela Jane---wonderful name

    Kylie Rose---not sure about Kylie for an adult

    Madeleine Nicole---I like Madelyn better

    Dayna Lynn---I like Dana better

    Mackenzie Mae---I love it, my daughter is Mackenzie Lauren


    Cameron David---Cute

    Parker Joseph---not my favorite

    Matthew John---I like it

    Shane Lee---not my favorite

    Dejay Patrick---don't use this one!!!

    Tom Joseph---I like Thomas better

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