Important events in england in the 16th century?

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    Do you just want a list? A lot happened in England in the 16th century. These are the things I could think of and find:

    1514: Thomas Wolsey appointed Archbishop of York

    1515: Wolsey made Cardinal and then Chancellor of England

    1515: Great tournament ground built at Greenwich by King Henry VIII.

    1516: 18 February - Queen Mary I "Bloody Mary" (1516 - 1558) born in Greenwich.

    1518: Ordinance depot (later Royal Arsenal) established at Woolwich.

    1521: 11 October - Henry VIII became "Fidei Defensor" (Defender of the Faith)

    1533: Henry VIII divorces Catherine of Aragon and marries Anne Boleyn

    1533: 7 September - Queen Elizabeth I (1533 -1603) born in Greenwich.

    1536: Anne Boleyn (second wife of Henry VIII) divorced then beheaded for adultery and incest

    1536: Henry VIII marries Jane Seymour

    1537: 12 October - Birth of Prince Edward (Edward VI)

    1537: 25 October - Death of Jane Seymour

    1539: King Henry VIII met Anne of Cleaves at a Blackheath pageant.

    1540: Henry VIII marries and divorces Anne of Cleaves, then marries Catherine Howard

    1540: Dissolution of the Monasteries begins

    1542: Catherine Howard beheaded

    1543: Henry VIII marries Catherine Parr

    1547: 28 January - Death of King Henry VIII, Edward VI succeeds

    1553: Edward VI dies at Greenwich, aged 15, Mary Tudor succeeds

    1555: Nostradamus publishes Centuries

    1558: Queen Mary dies, Elizabeth succeeds

    1558: 17 November - Elizabeth proclaimed Queen

    1559: Queen Elizabeth made head of the Church of England

    1562: Hawkins and Drake initiate slave-trade with America

    1568: Gerardus Mercator develops cylindrical map projections

    1577: Drake starts voyage to circumnavigate the globe

    1579: Francis Drake claims California for England

    1581: Queen Elizabeth I watches, from Greenwich, Sir Francis Drake's return in Golden Hind. He is knighted at Deptford.

    1582: Pope Gregory XIII introduces New Style (Gregorian) Calendar. April 1 no longer is New Year's Day and is known as "fool's holiday" for those who did not accept the change.

    1587: Queen Elizabeth I signed death warrant of Mary Queen of Scots (1542 - 1587) at Greenwich.

    1588: Spanish Armada defeated by the English fleet

    1595: Sir Walter Ralegh's first expedition to South America

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    Important events in england in the 16th century?

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    16th Century Events

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    All kinds of things happened.

    Fist time that female rulers came to power and stayed (matilda was over thrown quickly).

    Theatre came into being a major form of entertainment (with the likes of Shakespeare). First theatres as such were built during this century.

    Britian proved that they have a decent navy and ruled the seas. The navy was in fact bolstered to a permanent force during this century

    Overseas expansion took off in areas other than europe.

    This was the century since prior to 1066 that england lost its holdings in france and had none on the european continent (lost calais suring marys reign).

    The rule of Henry the eighth and all his fun with the women and especially his trials with religion and the break with rome and the excommunication of the king by the pope.

    The law was passed making the monarch of england the head of church as well as state.

    wars with spain and france even with the marriages etc.

    New book of prayer was printed and distributed.

    Laws passed regulating apprenticeships.

    Potatoes introduced to england.

    Pencils were first made (around 1565) in england

    Royal exchange founded.

    Human disections were authorized.

    The first bottled beer by the dean of st pauls!!!

    The first rugby school was formed.

    First recorded life insurance policy issued.

    Just a few things happened.

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    We'll have to narrow this question down. I assume that you are looking for information oriented more toward western civilization. Of course, the significance of any event is open to interpretation--the answer will change according to whom you ask. 16th Century: Protestant Reformation This event change the balance of power between church leaders and rulers of kingdoms. 17th Century: 30 Years' War (third bloodiest war in European history) A religious war, later fought between major European powers which ravaged German kingdoms and left Central Europe in ruins. 18th Century: Formation of contemporary Republican states The birth of modern democracy started in France and spread around the Western world. 19th Century: Napoleonic Wars Napoleon stages his campaigns against Europe to coerce his reforms, political ideologies, and might upon all his neighbors.

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  • emily
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    1534 Act of Supremacy

    In general - there is a lot of religious tension at the time - protestant or catholic or both or their own hybrid

    Breaking off of relations with the Pope - Henry's (VIII) former pal

    Breaking off of relations with Spain (think Catherine of Aragon- eventually leading to the destruction of the Spanish Armada sinking much later)

    Destruction of many English cathedrals - making them protestant by wiping out much of the original artwork, relics, etc.

    Hope that helps.

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    Oh wow! Lots of stuff.... try this topic....

    very important.

    1531-32: The Church of England breaks away from the Roman Catholic Church and recognizes King Henry VIII as the head of the Church

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    1588 -- English navy sinks the Spanish armada

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