Does the US Marshals Service really not hire people if they fail their fitness test?

My girlfriend didn't do so hot on the 1.5 mile run for her fitness test and told me that she wasn't going to be selected to train next year in Georgia at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. I was wondering if that was really the case. I just feel like that is a little silly to disqualify someone for something you can teach them to get better at during training. She has already passed an extensive background check and been cleared on her medical exam. Not to mention the fact that she had to make several new bills when she had to get additional medical check ups to verify information for them. So please please help me out and tell me this isn't true. I have the upmost respect for the Marshals Service but this would be the worst hiring practice ever if it were deemed to be the case. I mean you can teach people to run, but you can't teach integrity. Obviously she has it or else she wouldn't have passed the background check. Just give me all the info you have on this subject people

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    I am not aware of any law enforcment agency that does not require a passing score on physical fitness.

    The requirements for any law enforcement position are readily available. Most agencies give them to you, but if they do not, it is your responsibility to ask.

    You can not "teach" physical fitness. It must be practiced. She should have known this prior to applying, if not, she was not well prepared.

    Source(s): 16 years law enforcement
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    While she might have the integrity, her failing a PT test looks as though she doesn't have the drive. In the military, you can be kicked out for so many failures within an extended period of time. It is seen as a requirement of your job no matter what position you will be filling.

    The Marshalls are a small organization when it comes to the agents. I'm sure there are many candidates that as just as qualified and have passed the PT requirements.

    On the other hand, don't let her give up. If she busts **s she can be ready for the next cycle.

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    Us Marshals Hiring

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    part of the requirements that most law inforcement agencies require is that you pass a physical fitness test as well as a written exam. By the way the military also requires that you do so every year. Candidates are usually warned to be in physical shape and be able to do certain feats in the physical exam ahead of time.

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  • 4 years ago

    As often as they need to replace US Marshals that leave in order to fill budgeted positions. It's an ongoing effort.

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    You cannot teach physical ability. All law enforcement agencies I know of have certain criteria as far as physical fitness that must be met.

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    If she failed the required test, she will not be selected. The specific failure you mention is probably not a permanent disqualification. If she applies herself to improving her fitness, I believe she can reapply.

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    She won't get in. Plenty of others "have it" and can pass their fitness tests.

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    Duh, this is a physical as well mental ability position. She needs to get into training and then reapply.

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    She is out... sorry

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