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What is Israel like?

What is Israel like?

I have heard the most conflicting opinions from people who have been there. One person said it was a very tense place, another said it was very uncomfortable and the people were mean. Another person said it was very spiritual and the people were very nice.

Since much of what was written in the Bible has occurred there I was wondering what it is really like. Does it feel different from other countries and if so how?

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    Israel is unique. I lived there for a year and I have been there for several long stays also.

    There are some views that are achingly beautiful, like the Judean desert, spread out before you.

    The people are lovely; direct, sociable, the most generous, hospitable, genuine people you will ever meet.

    It is a country steeped in history and mystery, the birthplace of Judaism, Christianity, Islam.

    Most of all, though, is the actual fact of its' survival, given that Israel has been attacked by her Arab neighbours on three occasions now. Israel takes up 0.01% of the Middle East; she is tiny!

    Yet if you do an internet search on all the things that Israel produces, and the way she pioneers research in fields such as medicine and technology, it's truly amazing.

    In Israel you will also see people with the freedom to follow any religion they like; it is truly democratic.

    And Jerusalem - hard to put into words. A very special place, even for those who are not remotely religious.

    The people are not 'mean' - that is just said by someone who believes anti semitic propoganda. Total ignorance and spite, that is.

    FRANCESCA - what are you on about? You are talking rubbish! Christians are extremely welcome in Israel; 30% of the population are not Jewish and they are full Israeli citizens with the same rights and freedoms as anyone else.

    Israeli Arabs sit in the Knesset (parliament) and help make policy. How many Jews do that in Arab countries? Oh yeah - none! Because they all got expelled!

    And the only reason Palestinians have to go via Jordan sometimes is because every day, Israelis are being hurt and killed by kassam rocket attacks launched BY Palestinians, from Gaza, where Hamas is in control. Get your facts straight!

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    All people of all religions are welcomed into Israel and allowed to visit the historic places not like some of the Muslim countries. There are of course bombings and violence caused by terrorists there. The people from Israel I have met are always nice and well mannered.

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    Isreal isn't bad. It is tense right now with all of the political stuff going on over there. But countries do not mess with Israel in terms of wars and battles, so it is not overun with crime and bombings as most people think it is.

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    I could go into a long description of what Israel was like for me when I was studying there as a student, but that would not mean anything to you.

    My advice is to go there and find out what it is like for yourself.

    The one thing I will say is that their is definitely something for everyone to do in Israel.

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    My brother lived there for a few years and he said he loved the place. There's good and bad everywhere you go. Today, Israel is no more dangerous than any other part of the world. I'd love to go there some day myself...I hope you do also.

    PS: If that's 'Gods Warrior', I'd rather be Satan's buddie!!!!!

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    That depends on what religion and ethnic origin you are.

    If you're jewish, you'll be welcomed with open arms and given a home, a job, and some money to help you start a new life.

    If you're christian, you will be tolerated, but treated with suspicion.

    If youre palestinian, or arab, you will probably be denied entry and be told to go through Jordan.

    Source(s): Check out this blog entry and everything else on this blog. Its written by a fellow who LIVES in Jerusalem.
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    I heard somewhere that it was full of Arabs and Jews and CHristian Tourists

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