In GTA vice city, How do i get "Cap The Collecter" and "keep friends close"?

I finished 47% of vice city and finished all the missions, but how do i get the last two missions: get up to 50%??!!

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    1. Immediately get into your Sea Sparrow and hunt down the first

    motorbike. A few seconds of sustained firing should see it destroyed.

    The bikes do drive extremely quickly, so there's little point coming

    at them face on, as they'll be past you before you can even aim


    2. They can actually drive as fast as your helicopter, but they

    don't have the advantage of cutting corners like you do. If you see a

    message reporting that one of your businesses is being taxed, then

    simply ignore it. It doesn't matter, and you'll easily kill all the

    enemies before they've taxed the lot.

    3. There are only 3 bikes to destroy, so you can afford to be a

    little patient. Just hold down R1 and fire constantly as you approach

    the target. Sooner or later they're bound to get out onto a wider

    road and you can finish them off more easily.

    NOTE: You have now finished 99% of the game! Only one mission and 1

    percentage remains. Soon you'll get a phone call, and when it ends go

    to your mansion, save the game, and step into the pink glow on the





    DIFFICULTY: 7/10

    1. You will need all your guns, including the rocket launcher.

    Make sure you also have full armour and health and save your game in

    the office for convenience.

    2. Arm your Python, move out the office and stand near the top of

    the big staircase. Quickly get in a position that allows you to see

    the front door, the right side door on the ground floor, and the one

    directly above it on the landing, all at the same time.

    3. Soon enough a stream of enemies will walk in through those 3

    doors. Stand on the spot and look at the doors carefully - keeping

    watch for the next intruder. The instant you see someone walk

    through, lock on and fire. If you are speedy enough locking on it is

    quite possible to complete this section without taking any damage.

    4. After you have killed approximately 15 enemies a message might

    tell you to check the safe. If it does, just back up a bit towards

    your office and the next cut scene will commence. The very moment

    this scene has ended, sprint to the short steps on the right to avoid

    the gunfire from the "Traitor". Sprint right up to him and he will

    dart out of the side door.

    5. Ignore any other enemies and chase after him. Overtake him if

    you want to. It is impossible to hurt him now, so simply sprint up to

    the roof as quickly as you can. You may lose your armour during this

    journey, but this isn't a problem.

    6. As the game is loading the rooftop, prepare to run out, keeping

    to the left, and up onto the helipad. Make sure you go left when out

    on the helipad, as this will avoid the red barrels that have a habit

    of exploding in the crossfire.

    7. If you can make it to the helipad, even with a tiny bit of

    health left, then you safe for a while. The hardest section is now

    over. The enemies, including the Traitor, will not follow you.

    Collect the health token from the back if you need it but stay on the


    8. Arm your rocket launcher and fire a few shots at the ground by

    the railing closest the guards. The explosions should take care of

    anyone below. You can also use your sniper rifle to pop any heads.

    You'll know the Traitor is dead when he stops firing that distinctive

    sounding weapon. If you are unsure walk down and pop your head out to

    peek. If he is, come back and try again or just run out and blast him

    with the Python (health permitting).

    9. As you may have noticed, you are slowly losing money. However

    you should be so rich by now the loss is meaningless. When everyone

    is dead on the roof, heal if necessary, and get onto the slanted,

    tiled section of the roof. Walk around to the eastern edge and drop

    down. You should land near the spot where all your weapons

    regenerate. Avoid going by the front doors of the mansion, as you

    will be attacked.

    10. Pick up your guns and, most importantly, your body armour. Now

    walk onto the driveway and use the rocket launcher to destroy the 3

    limousines parked outside the front from a safe distance. Run over,

    pick off any guards with the Python, and walk inside.

    11. Run back up to your office and another cut scene will start. As

    soon as it ends, sprint down the stairs and out the front door again.

    Ignore absolutely everyone. You will lose plenty of armour as you

    flee. The moment you're outside, go back over to where your guns


    12. Once safely there it's time to heal up. If you have over 100

    points of body amour, you're probably okay. Otherwise, new armour

    probably won't have regenerated yet, so steal a passing car and take

    a little drive. Go across the bridge and upon your return new armour

    should be ready and waiting. When you feel ready, return to the front

    doors of the mansion.

    13. From the front steps take out the guards and most importantly

    your "old friend". This particular person can take at least 5 Python

    blasts so keep shooting him until either he dies, or until your

    health drops below 100. If it does then repeat step 12 until you're

    happy and healthy once more. Don't take any risks here. Return to

    finish him off and the moment he dies - you win it all.

    * That's it. You have are the master of Vice City! When the

    credits roll, the coveted 100% mark is yours! Well done.

    NOTE: Because you have now completed the game 100%, you have several

    new rewards, including: Improved health and body armour, a new outfit

    in your mansion's office, every vehicle you drive is now twice as

    durable, and you cannot run out of ammunition.

    NOTE: To make life even easier, the Hunter is now occasionally

    available from the helipad south of your southernmost save point in

    Vice City East.

    NOTE: You have also unlocked 3 bodyguards who will follow you around

    and give assistance during battles. To find them, walk down the main

    staircase in the lobby of your mansion and inspect the small lounge

    on the western side. They should be sitting down in here. If not, go

    away and come back until they are. Stand in the small pink glow

    beside each bodyguard to make them follow you - for a small price.

    The bodyguards will occasionally shoot at any target you lock on to

    and fire at.






    That's it. Congratulations, pal - you earned it.




    1) "Will cheating affect my 100% score?"

    Using any kind of cheat code MAY mess-up the game and accidentally

    cause a glitch that stops you from getting 100%. If you're lucky, it

    won't affect the game, but it's a definite gamble. Some players have

    used cheats and completed the game 100%; others got stuck on 98 or

    99% because of it. I strongly advise you to practise safe gaming, and

    avoid cheating. There is nothing more frustrating then getting stuck

    so close to the glory.

    NOTE: You may use cheat codes after you've completed the game even

    and during it - provided you don't save the game with a cheat code

    still activated.

    2) "Help! I only have 98% any I've done everything, etc..."

    There are literally only 2 explanations for this:

    a) You used cheat codes and you're paying the price, or...

    b) You missed something. See the 100% Checklist (below). These

    honestly the only 2 explanations. 80% of emails I receive

    regarding the game are on this subject! Please double check the

    list carefully before contacting me.

    3) Do you need to do wheelies, stoppies, etc, to complete the game


    No. They're not on the 100% checklist below, so you don't need to do

    them. They are, just like the beach ball mini-game - purely for fun.

    4) How can I tell if I've completed a certain Unique Jump yet or not?

    It's almost impossible to tell definitely, as even Unique Jumps

    you've completed perfectly will trigger slow motion if you attempt

    them again. You obviously can't get the large green 'Unique Stunt

    Bonus' message or cash reward a second time, but that might just be

    because you performed the jump incorrectly.

    Unfortunately the only solution is to try to complete the jump

    several times, and if you're sure you've done it correctly, move on.

    Always ignore that small white 'Insane Stunt Bonus' message. This has

    no bearing on the actual game.

    5) Did you know you can get in the Air Base easily by wearing a Cop's


    Yes. Thanks to all the people who've emailed me to tell me about

    this, but because this FAQ is meant to be read in sequence, you won't

    get the uniform until quite late in the game if using my FAQ - and

    when you do, I tell people to use it.

    6) Is there a Horse & Chariot vehicle in the game?

    No. This is just an Internet hoax. Please don't waste your time

    looking for one.

    7) What does the 'Fishes Fed' statistic mean?

    This simply counts how many times you've died by drowning. There is

    honestly no fishing sub-game!

    8) Will using a Game Shark (or any cheat CD) stop me from getting


    I don't know unfortunately. I don't use them. Try asking on the message boards.


    4B: 100% CHECKLIST


    Technically this checklist should be unnecessary if you've followed

    the FAQ through from the very beginning - as it's supposed to be

    read. Use this guide properly, and you're guaranteed to get 100% at

    the end.

    But for all the latecomers who only started using the FAQ half way or

    more through, here is a list of everything you should do to get the

    hallowed 100% score. You can find advice on how to complete all the

    following in the main text of the FAQ.

    NOTE: The two most commonly overlooked things in the game you must do

    are (a) winning the Hot Ring race in first place, and (b) completing

    the Rifle Range mini-game. Check these first.

    NOTE: The "Rifle Range Mini-Game" is not part of "The Shootist"

    mission. Although it takes place in the same building, it is a

    completely different event, and must be completed separately.

    * Complete every mission:

    a) Ken - 4/4 missions completed.

    b) Cortez - 4/4 missions completed.

    c) Diaz - 4/4 missions completed.

    d) Vercetti - 5/5 missions completed.

    e) Kent - 1/1 missions completed.

    f) Phil - 2/2 missions completed.

    g) Love Fist - 3/3 missions completed.

    h) Mitch - 3/3 missions completed.

    i) Auntie - 3/3 missions completed.

    j) Umberto - 4/4 missions completed.

    k) Avery - 3/3 missions completed.

    l) Phone (Assassination) - 5/5 missions completed.

    * Find 100/100 Hidden Packages.

    * Purchase all 7 normal properties.

    * Purchase all 8 'special' properties and complete the following:

    a) Malibu Club - 4/4 missions completed.

    b) Sunshine Auto's - 4/4 Import-Export Garage lists completed, 6/6

    Street Races won.

    c) Printworks - 2/2 missions completed.

    d) Kaufman Cabs - 3/3 missions completed.

    e) Film Studio - 3/3 missions completed.

    f) Boatyard - 1/1 mission completed.

    g) Cherry Popper Factory - 1/1 mission completed.

    h) Pole Position Club - 1/1 mission completed.

    * Complete all 3 Stadium missions:

    a) Hot Ring - must win race in first place.

    b) Dirt Ring.

    c) Blood Ring.

    * Complete the following 'Fun Toys'/RC missions:

    a) 'RC Bandit'.

    b) 'RC Baron'.

    c) 'RC Raider'.

    * Complete the following side missions:

    a) 'Cone Crazy'.

    b) 'PCJ Playground'.

    * Complete all 4 helicopter checkpoint missions.

    * Complete both Dirt Track missions:

    a) Trial by Dirt.

    b) Test Track.

    * Knock off 15/15 specific stores.

    * Score 45 points or more in the Rifle Range bonus mini-game.

    * Drop off 100 or more people as a taxi driver.

    * Get to and complete Vigilante mission level 12.

    * Get to and complete Fire Fighter mission level 12.

    * Get to and complete Paramedic mission level 12.

    * Get to and complete Pizza Boy mission 10.

    * Pass 35/35 Rampages.

    * Complete 36/36 Unique Jumps.

    There are NO glitches/bugs that stop you getting 100%. If you're

    stuck on 99% - it's because you missed something in this list, no

    matter how hard that might be to believe!


    4C: CREDITS:



    Scott MacDowall

    ASSISTANCE (In alphabetical order):


    Bobby Ticknor,

    Chris Hocking,


    Dan Schlicht,

    Darren Weir,


    Derek Franz,

    John Gilbert,

    John Holden,

    Johnny Junk,

    John Scheurmier,

    Kurt Walzer,

    Mark Blaney,

    Matthew Joseff,






    Rockstar & Rockstar North,


    ... And you for reading this thing in the first place :-).

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  • Paul
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    No. Don't pay attention to the "% complete". That's for people who want to get 100% in the game (it's different from simply beating it, which is what you want to do.)

    To get the final two missions you need to "unlock the ending". You need to get 5 assets. 4 are already pre-determined, and the 5th one is your choice. The 4 you need are The Malibu, The Print Works, The Film Studio and Kauffman Cabs. The 5th one is your choice between The Boatyard, The Pole Position, Cherry Poppers and Sunshine Autos. I suggest you do The Boatyard; it's just one mission and you're done (the easiest one).

    You might be asking yourself if this is all true, why wouldn't the game have told me what to do? Well, the game was seriously flawed in this aspect. They tell you to go and buy properties and make money, but they don't tell you exactly what needs to be done. I ran into the same problem before I found the answer in the strategy guide.

    good luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    The last 2 missions only come when you've done enough of the game that you are a 'power in Vice City'. Otherwise the mob doesn't bother to come down and harass you.

    For me, I hit the final missions after doing all other missions and all the 'gather the car' stuff too. Check out the car dealership walkthrough section for more details about the car gathering ring.

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  • Lisa
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    4 years ago

    It's a nod to the phrase "Keep your friend's close, but your enemies closer." This means that you should always be wary of your enemies, and know their plans. It was used in the title as foreshadowing a fight between the protagonist and his enemy I'm guessing.

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