Know any incest movies with mother son?

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i need title of movies that have or are about mother son incest please let me know if you know about any thank you please no stupid comments i want them for research
Update : thanks everyone i really appreciate them you're saving me alot of more
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Try David O. Russell's first film, "Spanking the Monkey."


Having just completed his freshman year at MIT, Ray discovers he will have to forfeit his prestigious summer internship in order to care for his mother, who's laid up in bed with a broken leg she suffered in a suicide attempt. Yearning to break free, Ray gets caught up in a sequence of tragicomic events that spin out of control and take him perilously close to the edge of insanity--including the fact that he must resolve a growing attraction toward his homebound mother.


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thanks let me know if you know of anymore this question is open until its expiration is due
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  • Andrew A answered 6 years ago
    Black X-Mas has this one part with mother and son.The mother was crazy,the son had a rare skin disease.Black Christmas is a great movie.
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  • FantasyBookworm answered 6 years ago
    Any movie about Oedipus Rex. Best story of mother/son incest ever.
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  • Wurm™ answered 6 years ago
    There was an old pr0n movie called "taboo" that had it.


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  • ozma answered 6 years ago
    from what i remember
    flowers in the attic hinted betwennt he brother and sister the mother was a wacko. good movie
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  • Tom Mienic answered 6 years ago
    I think "Flowers In The Attic" has brother-sister incest. Not sure about the mother-son stuff though.
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