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Do Scorpio men prefer slim or curvy women?

Though I no they find any woman appealing but Im guessing they like something thats not usual?

What are the tips to keep them on their toes at all times

I no scorpio men are easy in general but what can you do to make them desire you constantly!!! lol


We've been together for 3 yrs well 2 years and this year was kina weird and rocky and strang so i split up for like 4 months now where back together just had to add that.

Update 2:

Well I have a right to ask any question I please I really don’t care if it sounds ridiculous to you I'm not here to entertain your thoughts but get my questions answered

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    Most men, Scorpio or not, love curvy women; but there are exceptions too.

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    You’ve got engage his mind as well as his eyes; best of all, occupy his mind’s eye. Give him glimpses of what’s in store for later. He’s going to want it “right now”, but he can be made to wait (just not TOO long). Learn “double speak”; be able to talk sexy using whatever you happen to be doing, whether washing dishes or changing the oil. His quick wit will love the game, and when the time actually arrives he will literally jump on you.

    If you sincerely tell him what you appreciate about him, he’ll bend over backwards to impress you; but not for long. Fortunately, it’s a repeatable process.

    If he’s engrossed in a project (their “focus” is unshakeable), don’t even try, he’ll resent you for it. But when he comes up for air, be ready with a “teaser”.

    Learn what his moon sign is, and you’ll be better able to figure out what he’s hiding. (They’re ALL hiding something.) Become a part of that secret fantasy and you’ll own him, body and soul.

    Also, if you leave messages for him, put them in code. He loves to figure things out, even though he may not be the fastest at it. While he’s solving your puzzle, his mind won’t be on anything else.

    The MAIN thing is to never let him figure YOU out. Once he’s solved a riddle, he’s pretty much done with it. He may go back and work it again for “old time’s sake”, but it’ll just be an exercise after that.

    Keep him guessing, but without frustrating him. It’s very true that they genuinely love just about any woman they meet. They can be loyal simply for loyalty’s sake, but if you can keep his heart for more than a few years, you are a truly great woman.

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    im a scorpio male. my current girfriend is slim and curvy,

    so i think given the choice, i would chose a curvy-slim girl over a not curvy-slim girl.

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    I think most men perfer slim or curvy (not chubby or fat) women regardless of astrological sign.

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    You should look at his Mars and Venus sign by pulling up a natal chart, not his Sun sign.

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    They aren't really into looks much. They're more into personalities.

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    You sound rediculous.

    Not all scorpios are the same just because they MIGHT share some similar personality traits.

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    i like them both

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