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my mom has a pain like something is poking her from the inside on the right side of her ribs.?

plz can some proffesionals help her with this . shes scared that this might have some thing to do with her kidney.plz give an answe sone.ty

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    I think it's great that you're trying to help your mom out...but she really needs to see a doctor.

  • Erika
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    i'm getting this extremely often. as quickly as I breathe shallowly, i don't sense it. as quickly as I slowly take a deeper breath, it hurts further and extra till i've got self belief a pointy discomfort. Are you on any styles of medicine? i'm on medicine for concentrating, and my wellbeing care provider informed me maximum of his sufferers had chest pains as an component result with that medicine too, and pronounced it substitute into regular. in case you're on any styles of on a regular basis meds, seem on the bottle for component effects or call your wellbeing care provider.

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    your moms rib might be broke . it dont take much to brake a rib. my my broke her rib 3 times

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    well we can all tell you what it might be, but the best thing is to see a doctor!

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