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Breastfeeding medicine?

Do you put it on right after each feeding and then wipe it ebfore the baby eats doesnt it hurt to wipe it?

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    Lansinoh is one of the "favorite" brands of healing cream for a new mom. If, however, you are allergic to lanolin (or wool, since lanolin is derived from wool), talk to your doctor about alternative creams. If you only get worse and not better, that is a sign you are allergic.

    The Lansinoh site below describing their cream for nursing moms says it is hypoallergenic and doesn't have to be removed before nursing your baby. However, if you choose to remove it, that is fine.

    I, personally, never had to use the healing creams. I nursed my daughter for 20 months and never had a problem. I credit my healthy skin to allowing my breasts to air dry after smearing them with some expressed breast milk. I used Lansinoh nursing pads in my bra (they are self-adhering, so they stay in place). They don't contain lanolin and really did a fabulous job keeping my skin from getting chapped.

    It seems to me that wiping off the Lansinoh cream would hurt. It would be like getting severely chapped lips, applying a cream and then wiping it off. Ouch.

    Source(s): this is an alternative cream. You have to wipe it off before nursing your baby. It has many calming ingredients. However, if you are allergic to chamomile or ragweed, avoid this cream. The other ingredients are listed as well. Good luck!
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    if you have the lansinoh nipple cream then you do not need to wipe it- it is completely harmless and hypoallergenic- it is safe for your baby to ingest and you can even use it on your baby's chapped lips. pure lanolin is made from something in sheep skin i believe and even if you're allergic to wool the lanolin is fine- i just put it on after each feeding and never wiped it off- i didnt have to use it anymore about after the 2nd week

    Source(s): breastfeeeding an 8 months old
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