Question For Freemasons?

-what exactly are the beliefs of freemasons?

-is freemasonry a religion?

-is it true that freemasonry is satanic or a cult?

-can you be a Freemason and still be a Christian?

do Freemasons really know the secrets behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy and other secrets the government hides.

-what are some books I can read to get a better understanding of Freemasonry?

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    * beliefs - supreme being, faith, hope, charity, equality and freedom

    * freemasonry is not a religion

    * freemasonry is neither satanic nor a cult

    * yes, most freemasons I know are Christian, but it is not a religious organization

    * freemasons do not know any of the political conspiracies you speak of...

    * read "freemasonry for dummies" written by a 33rd degree freemason from the UGLE, you can't get much more authoritative....

    to some other responses:

    * Lomas and Knight mix fiction, fact and personal belief to weave a tale that will sell books;

    * i cannot speak about the skulls other than to say they are not affiliated with the freemasons in any fashion

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    -We believe in goodwill, charity, being good men

    - We are not a religion

    - We are definitely not a cult or satanic

    - I am a Catholic and a Freemason. Take it from me, There is nothing that Freemasonry involves that is against Christianity.

    - Freemasons are easy targets of conspiracy theories. Don't believe any of them.

    - Freemasonry for Dummies and The complete Idiot's Guide to Freemasonry are two books written by 33rd and 32 degree Masons respectively.

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    A really good book would be The Hiram Key, Turning the Hiram Key, The second Messiah all by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas ( who are masons although I do not know what degree they are) and Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper, who was a CIA agent that mysteriously went missing after the book was written and found dead. To understand masonary you have to first understand the different degrees, different lodges, the difference between the Scottish rite masons, the shriners, and so on and so on. The Skull and Bones is one of the most popular organizations that most of the American presidents belong to, this particular organization is evil and satanic in their beliefs, although they will use words like "in god we trust" really have to question what god they are really talking about. Their rituals and whole belief system is based on satanic worship. I think you should also look up people who give lectures to get a better understanding of this topic. You can look up Jordan Maxwell, Alex Jones, Anthony J. Hilder, and David Icke for now.

    can you be a Freemason and still be a Christian?

    Yes. Actually most if not all societies require that you have some sort of belief in a higher being, what being that is is not important to them.

    There is so much information on this topic that it gets really confusing if you do not start from the origins of this society. I hope your quest goes well.

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