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have female detective stories come a long way?

books like Nancy drew's secret of old clock, Number 1 Ladies detective agency, 'A' for alibi all have strong willed women solving crimes.

Traditional detective hero story followed certain rules that tended to exclude and/or stereotype women. (EX- hero picks up and leaves community- harder for woman to do that and women he meets are goddess for instance). detective story might offer challengeto traditional "hero story".

What do you think? Has the detective story come a long way?

(btw you can use your own women hero books as an example) just asking your opinions.

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    I prefer Desperate Housewives over Boring Female detectives.........

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    they have come a long way..I agree. Patricia Cornwell comes to mind as does James Patterson's female series...both great and if you like humor mixed in try the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanwich...they are soooooo funny!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes they have,i read the book,A PERFECT EVIL,by alex kava and it shows a woman who is a profiler,and she is a very strong character in this book,she is sorta a detective,but she's still strong....

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