Television execs/suits out of touch or do they have bad taste?

In reference to:Arrested Development, Family Guy twice, Freaks and Geeks (some people say Jericho?) it seems like IN GENERAL these shows are regarded as decent, if not good. Still they get cancelled. Some of my guesses:

1.Are they getting poor ratings and ergo not making money via advertising, etc?

2.Are these shows doing poorly w/ focus groups?

3.Are the execs just out of touch?

Maybe I'm missing something, but A LOT of the shows on primetime are terrible! Why do these shows get the axe? Please don't reply just saying, "Well those shows suck!" I only picked these as popular examples, everyone must know some cool show that was killed for unknown reasons. Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    poor ratings has a lot to do with it...!!!

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