I need at least 5 paragraphs on protein.an intro para then a 3-5 body para and a conclusion para. HELPP!?

Ok this is what the paper says. "BACKGROUND INFO: This is the section of your paper that you have become an "expert" on your topic. You will want to include history of your topic, important scientists who have done work in this area of science, important facts and previous experiments related to your topic. Many resources can be used including, library resources, internet, science books, teachers, family members, classmates, television programs, conversations with scientists, and fieldtrips to museums, zoos, etc. The background information section should include an intro[1 para] body [3-5 para] and conclusion[1para]. THIS DOES NOT include anything about your experiment or the results of your experiment.

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    I hope this project isn't due tomorrow because this is a paper that will take some time to write properly. Good luck and do your own homework!

  • Jane
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    5 years ago

    No, it definitely isn't long. When you get into post secondary education they expect even more. Get used to it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Seems you have your answer. Try reading what you wrote and get cracking.

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