i really love the "punk" look and i was wondering if you had any tips for hair, clothing etc. ...thanks

this is what i look like now...


my hair : blond, naturally curly but i straighten it too..i wuz thinkin of dying it black...need suggestions

what i usually wear is : graphic tee's, skinny jeans or jeans with holes , & converse & ballet flats

any advice would be great

pics of ur suggestions wld b good too =) thanks in advance!

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    I was a teenager in the UK, in the 70's & trust me - what people call punk now, is nothing like then.

    Basically, it was all people wearing crap clothes, bad hair, listening to people who couldn't play their instruments.

    Personally, I went with long green hair - down to my mid-back. I used food coloring & it was water-soluble. So when it rained......green clothes. Later, I went to a flat-top, sprayed silver - with car paint. It was one solid mass & I had to have someone cut it off in one piece, shaving me bald.

    Oh - and piercing all body parts with any sharp object, regardless whether it was sterile (normally it wasn't - no AIDS fears then).

    So true authentic punk - look as BAD as you can. Don't wash regularly, bad skin complexion, etc.

    Hair - you could always go with a mohawk & keep it straight with sugar solution.

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    I love punk girls, they're the best. Hot Topic is definatly the place to shop, if your area has one of those (if not, check out their web site). Chuck Taylor shoes are awesome (probably what you meant by converse?). Long socks with stripes. Personally, I like some kind of black pants, but not baggy...... like Dickies or something. A graphic tee that is either a band shirt, or says something on it that is completely random. Keep your natural hair color, but maybe put a few streaks (not many) of another color (blue or red?) through it. And of course, bracelets and rings. I've always liked the thin rubber bracelets.

    I'm sure you'll look great. Can't go wrong with a punk girl.

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    if your hair is blond I would not dye it black i would put black chunk highlights in it, as for cloths, you can still wear skinny jeans, black one prefered, with shirts with black in them and maybe a thick belt around your tummy or hips, ( not in your belt loops) for jewley really anything, i would go for long wrap-a-round necklaces, that are silver or a randon color, but that are long, ( hanging below the chest) You could wear oot covers over your pants too and then your chucks, REMEMBER, PUNK IS WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE. BE CUTE WITH IT AND BE ORIGINAL. DON'T WORRY WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF YOU, BE YOURSELF, IF YOU LIKE THE STYLE THEN WEAR IT WITH PRIDE.

  • Jane
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    5 years ago

    Be yourself, don't try to be something your not.Your style sounds pretty darn cute to me, so why change it? =]

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