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Looking for a new Bike?

I'm looking to buy a new bike and I have had people suggest 2 different bikes. One is the Gary Fisher Wahoo and the other is the Specialized Rockhopper. Anyone know which of the 2 is better?

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    My wife has a Rockhopper and my son a Wahoo. They are both great bikes. Best thing to do is ride both and decide which you like. Keep in mind, you can't do a decent test ride in 10 minutes in the bike store's parking lot. You need to take each out for an hour, or so, and see which is most comfortable over a longer period of time.

    Hope this helps and I hope you enjoy the bike!

  • 1 decade ago

    your best bet is to go and test out both bikes at a bike shop, they are very similar , but when you ride them you will know which one you want.

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