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What do you get your bf for x-mas?

I have been going out with my bf for about a month now. He knows what he is getting me for xmas but i have no idea what he wants? I am already giving him a picture of me in a nice frame bc he said he was sad that he didn't have one of me, but i want to get him something that will make him happy and feel loved. Here are some of the things that he likes...

tuba and the guitar



he is not big on jewlery, but he always wears a cross

I want to give something that I can wrap bc obviously i will also spend a lot of time with him. I would also like to avoid gift cards. my parents hate taking me out to stores so online shopping is my best bet atm so webadresses are great. But what did you give your bf for past xmas's that made them happy?

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    Cook him a dinner with spanish foods! And kiss him under the misletoe (thats always romantic)

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    this christmas my bf left early to iraq so i bought him a sweatshirt and sprayed my favorite perfume on it. he thought it was really sweet.

    for you though what if you got him a really cute cook book with lots of little dinners for two in it? you could totally cook them together.

    look at for those. or borders. com or

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