Antibiotic started too soon; MD's only please?

Our son is having his tonsils out on Wednesday, Dec. 19th. The physician gave us a prescription for Amoxicillin. We filled the prescription and began giving the antibiotic every 8 hours as instructed. Yesterday, it was discovered the antibiotics might have been intended to be from Tuesday through Saturday, so we stopped after two doses. Now I've just discovered that antibiotics shouldn't be taken sporaticaly and I'm worried that the two premature doses might affect the antibiotics effectiveness and comprimise our sons safety following this operation. We've been unable to contact the physician since we discovered our mistake yesterday evening... should we resume antibiotics even though he's had two then missed his last two doses, or wait for the Tuesday initial start time as stated on the sheet the doctor gave us?

We'll continue to seek the advice of his attending physician who will make the actual call, but any advice before then is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


I'd like to thank both physicians who responded to my question, and Yahoo for the Q & A forum.

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    Two doses wouldn't affect that much. You better stop, and start again for the Tuesday as indicated initially by your doctor. What he wants is to protect him before the surgery against any infection he might have right now giving him antibiotics, to protect him also and have a safe surgical procedure. I'd say do no panic, continue to trying to contact his physician but until then do no re-start the treatment, wait until Tuesday.

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    hey wayne just dont panic. amoxycillin is a good antibiotic which is given to clear the tissues free from microbes before surgery of tonsils to facilitate good recovery and prevention of pus formation.

    starting out one day late will not affect your kids chances of recovery a bit. and the effectiveness of the antibiotic is not lost if u stop after 2 doses however it applies to subsequent infection by the same bacteria which may now be having some resistance to the antibiotic in question; so in your case just dont panic and let the child undergo surgery afte 4 days of continued antibiotic. Some surgeons even do not prescribe prophylactic antibiotics and decide for it only after surgery.

    but if you have stopped the drugs for now. you must consult your surgeon and ascertain whether he wants your kid to take a full 5 days course afresh before surgery. he will know from the clinical condition of your kid.

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