Need to know more about OPK testing?

I have a clock work 28 day cycle. My last period started 2nd Dec and due on on 30th Dec.

According to I am supposed to be ovulating today which is CD 14. Since CD 11 i have been testing at least twice a day with OPK (ovulation pee on a stick) and right up until half an hour ago i saw no second line.

The last test i did the test line was definately there, just a little bit lighter than the control line.

I know for ovulation its supposed to be the same as or darker than the control line.

We BD-ed yesterday and day before. Will be doing again later tonight and tomorrow and Tuesday to make sure!

I know i'm on the right track.. Its just my 2 month of serious trying, actually knowing what the right days of fertilisation are and first month using the OPK.

I'm guessing that as today moves into tomorrow, and i keep testing, the line will darken. Is this the right idea?

Basically i just want some reassurance that i got all the bases covered!


I'm not so hot on the not drinking and i wee more often than most anyway, whether i drink or not.

But i'm quite hopeful that tonight is the right time.

To go from no lines for 5 days then quite a strong line today. All with the same (slightly hit and miss) method of testing. I work shifts so none have been at same time.

Plus the text book ovulation would be today as i have the text book cycle length.

Fingers crossed. Not looking forward to the TTW this time!

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    Keep testing I had a fade in effect on my last round, but only one positive, the very next day I had the classic ovulation pinching/cramping....just pay attention to your body's symptoms CM, BBT and so on and keep up the BD!!

    Even if you manage to miss your positive LH surge, so long as it happened and you BD'd you'll be covered!!

    Lots of luck to you!!

  • nanook
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    1 decade ago

    You are doing well. Just make sure that before testing you refrain from drinking any liquids for two hours and hold your urine for four hours to ensure that any Lh present is good and concentrated. You should see a positive result soon. And you are right on track with bd'ing. Good luck :)

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