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Thin/straight hair into curls help?


I have shoulder length brown boring hair.

It is very very thin.

I am tired of straight hair and I want nice curly waves.

Here are three photos that I am aiming for...

If you look at anyone it would be great!

These are the things I have

Please do not say things I need to buy...

I have a curling iron


hair spray

a straightener



a body spray

Thanks, I hope you and your family has a great holiday.

God Bless

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    Most of the time, Miley's hair is down. Try some long curls with your curling iron. Part your hair in three sections. Leave one section out and put the rest up with a clip or scrunchy. When you are curling your hair make sure it looks like a spring wrapped around the curling iron. After your done with that section use some hair spray to keep its hold and move on to the rest. If you have short hair put it up in a bun and leave a little in the front to drop in your face.

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    well the problem is, her hair is naturally thick and curly so you cant have your hair exactly like that, youll need to grow it out a little more and possible get layers. cut down on the flat ironing and blow drying if you do that stuff because it will only make your hair dryer and thinner and youll have to trim the ends if you want your hair to look good.

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