Do you have an interesting word of the day?

please list the word, definition, and a sentence using the word.

the funnier sounding the better... it can also be made up/ slang.

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    I love this guitar sound. It's mad f*kcin' toilety when it's out of tune.

    I went to this dive bar last night. It was mad f*kcin' toilety.

    Your breathy smells man f*ukcin' toilety.

    *Note: This work can be used without the phrase "mad f*kcin'". I just seem to include that euphasim each time I say it.


  • TexMel
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    1 decade ago

    Flapdoodle: nonsense; twaddle.

    Flapdoodle is recorded as being current in the eighteenth century for the male and female naughty bits.

    Whatever its source, it’s usually and reasonably taken to be an American word. Which makes it slightly odd that the first known example is from a book by the English writer Captain Frederick Marryat in 1832–33: “‘The gentleman has eaten no small quantity of flapdoodle in his lifetime.’ ‘What’s that, O’Brien?’ replied I. ‘Why, Peter,’ rejoined he, ‘it’s the stuff they feed fools on.’ It may be relevant that Captain Marryat’s mother was American, from Boston, and that this sense of the word is rare.

    Nearly all its appearances in the next few decades are certainly from US sources, as in this Wisconsin newspaper piece dated 1859, “They say that no such flapdoodle can be forced down the throats of the intelligent people of Wisconsin.” By the 1880s, it was widely known, the verb to flapdoodle had appeared, and an editor of a newspaper in Kansas objected to the flapdoodlish editorials of a rival journal.

    Variations abounded, such as doodleflap and flamdoodle. The Fort Wayne Sentinel printed a story in 1900 about an old man who could not be persuaded of the value of these newfangled banks. “The building looks all right from the outside, but when a critter gits inside it’s flipdoodle checks and flamdoodle receipts and writin’ names, and no hollerin’n or drinkin’n or shootin’. I’m too old fur flipdoodle and flamdoodle, and I’ll bury my money in a hole in the ground and keep on in the ole way!”

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    Here's a little creation of my own:

    Pasteitis - A debiliting ache in the index finger caused by scrolling through miles of redundant second-hand knowledge.

  • 5 years ago

    Lolligagging tom foolery kerfuffle kumquat curmedgeon poppycock humdinger bumbershoot flabbergasted malarky balderdash festoon baileywick sarsaparilla bamboozled serendipity tiddlywink picadillo

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    You can subscribe to's word of the day, and have a cool new word emailed to you daily! How freakin' cool is that?

    Trichotillomania-(trick-o-till-o-mania): compulsion to pull one's hair, to the point of baldness at times.

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    'taking pleasure in the misfortune of others'

    "Watching the man fall and go skidding into a curb while riding his bicycle in the snow was perfect schadenfreude."

  • 1 decade ago

    Gormandize - To devour (food) gluttonously.

    I gormandized at the buffet and made myself sick.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ___soi-disant___ (swa-dee-zahn) french-adjective

    -calling oneself thus; self-styled.

    - so-called or pretended.

    -as claimed by and for yourself often without justification; "the self-styled `doctor' has no degree of any kind."

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    Ignoranus. (n.) A person who is stupid and an a**hole.

    My brother-in-law is an ignoranus.

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