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email prob?

After using a popular social networking site...

2 of my email notices from the site -- ( you have new message from ___ )

were sent to my own and the inbox of a friend..? eh wot ??

Yes, my friend Kyle checked his email account - his own screen name-his own password etc..

when he opened his inbox...he had 34 messages - of which, 3 were mails sent / intended for me - addressed to my

account..and the others were all of his own.

Ive never got any of his emails...

what is the prob here ? is it somehow related to using the same IP addy ? or a virus that copies my incoming and sends to others in my address book ?

hope my mom don't get too read some stuff i get from chicks..oh my gooshhhh

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    If you are experiencing many errors or don't like the new Yahoo Beta Mail, here's a link which will switch you back to Yahoo Classic Mail:

    The page will simply say: "Do you really want to opt out?"

    Click on: YES!

    I have used the forms listed below and was very pleased with the quick response and helpful information I received back from Yahoo. To avoid having to send back a reply, go into as much detail as possible so they fully understand the question or problem you are having with Yahoo Mail:

    This is the form to use if you are experiencing errors or problems with your Yahoo e-mail account such as not being able to send or receive e-mails, e-mails ending up in your Bulk Folder, not being able to open or add attachments, etc.:

    If you have a general question about how to use a particular feature of Yahoo e-mail, use this form:

    To report someone who is harassing you through Yahoo e-mail or abusing Yahoo e-mail by spamming or sending out e-mails which try to get personal information from you such as your social security number, ID, or password as well as lottery and banking scams, use this form:

    (For future reference, after you are able to login, if logging on is the issue, there is a HELP link located at the very top right-hand corner when you are on your Yahoo Mail page.)

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    I'm taking a shot in the dark here but it sounds as though you may need to make it so that people can email you on Y!A so that they can communicate with you back and forth. You'd do that by clicking 'my profile' near the top right of the page on yahoo answers and toward the bottom there's a check box for allowing others to email you. Just a possibility. HTH

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