How long can a rum cake stay in the freezer and still be okay to eat?

my uncle made me one but I want to save it for a party I am having the end of January. Do you think it will still taste the same?

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    1 decade ago
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    Why don't you ask your unlce to make another one or learn to make it yourself. Nothing tastes better at a party than freshly prepared food, your rumcake will likely lose most of it's flavor after being kept a month in the freezer, although you could serve it after your friends are drunk so they wont notice..

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    If you have a vacuum sealer which sucks all the air out, it will stay much longer, up to a year. However, if you just have it loosly covered where air can get in, then it probably won't be very good after a month or 2. If you seal it very tightly (tupperware that does not have a lot of unused space in it, you should be OK until Jan.

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    A month maybe more it depends on your freezer.

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    Oh yeah you can keep it for over a year if wrapped tightly sounds yummy

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    it can stay for a long time it should still be good. make sure no air can get in

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    up to a month or so..

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