Can anyone suggest hair products or other scented beauty products that are allergy friendly?

I am meeting someone this month, who has fairly bad allergies. I would like some advice regarding possible hair products or body wash that would be least likely to flare up allergies, but will still smell good. I also need advice in regards to the fact that he is allergic as well to smoke, and I unfortunately live with a smoker. Is there any good way to avoid smelling like smoke myself, either in my hair or on my clothing? Or, would this even affect his allergies?

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    Ashley: If your friend has bad allergies, you don't want to use any product with a fragrance! You want to use products that are unscented and without dyes. People with bad allergies are easily set off by the scents and chemicals in personal care items. People with asthma have the same problem. I know of two personal care lines for people with allergies. They have no dyes, no fragrances, and no formaldehyde (which is a good thing for you also!). One line is made by a company called Natural Choices and the other is by a company called Free & Clear. As for the smoke, wash the clothes you are going to wear that day and hang them in the closet in a plastic bag. That way they won't absorb your smokers stink. Don't spray with Febreeze or any other odor spray, because the smell of that product also causes some people problems. I am including a link to the Free & Clear hair stuff, because I have used it and like it better than the Natural Choices, but you might want to give Natural Choices a shot.

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    There are some petroleum based oils that are gently fragrance yet i don't think of you will locate products that are thoroughly unscented. perhaps mineral oils perhaps..In organic products the oils come from flora, herbs, culmination and nuts. those oils are certainly scented and extremely often provide the plant, herb, fruit or nut it is aroma. Synthetically made products are scented to hide the scent of many of the chemical compounds being utilized in those products. because of the fact of this they might have an overwhelming aroma each in specific situations. What I propose is which you notice a dermatologist to ascertain in case you have and overly dry scalp. Your scalp certainly produces oil that your hair desires to do what it grew to become into meant to do. Black women folk generally injury their hair and scalp via continuously chemically perming and relaxing their hair. perhaps your would desire to seem for some organic products to apply on your hair the place the oils extracted from issues that are gently scented certainly.. have you ever tried Carol's Daughter? perhaps they have some thing on your liking..

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    ALL scents in ALL products can cause allergies. Soap, shampoo, deodorant, laundry detergents, chorine bleach, every single thing with a scent in it is bad if you have allergies. Manufactures are reckless in putting thes chemicle scents in products. They are all sweet smelling chemicles, which many people feel cause cancer as well as they are absorbed into the skin and body. Shun all of those products with any scent, and you will find your allergies are much better. This has worked for me.

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    I'm not sure if they have this line of products where you live. Aveda is a natural har care line.Any aveeno products are hypoallergenic (for your body washes etc.)Whe it comes to cigarette smoke that stuff is impossible to get rid of on cloithes etc.I smoke outside and I still smell.Keep your closet at home closed to keep smoke out.Febreeze has a allergy reducer spray that can be used on clothes etc.

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