a christmas carol questions !!!!! please hellppp !!!?

Stave 5:

How does Scrooge show he is sincere about his promise to keep christmas all year?

Explain the new feelings Scrooge has for the door knocker.

Fred and Bob have two different initial reactions to the new Scrooge. Explain why and how the men react.


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    This story is so well-known by so many people, it seems a bit amazing that you won't sit down and actually read it with at least a small amount of real attention.

    It's such a favorite, I can't understand why you are avoiding it. It may happen that someone eager for points will answer each of your questions, but the tale itself will answer them best, and I really think you will have a much better Christmas if you do your own work.

    There will be no ghosts of 'Christmas-cheating' to haunt you...


    Have a good read, and happy holidays--

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    Asking this question on here without saying 'i need help with my homework' is just asking for answers like you've been getting. :)

    Go read the book. It's not that hard. Besides, you probably would be getting wrong answers from here, simply because there are SO MANY different versions than the one you are 'reading'.

    Good luck, honey.

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    Uh.... are you trying to get others to help you with your homework without actually saying "I need help with homework"?

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