Why are Greeks so bad in Tourism Marketing?

Our neighbors even want our name for tourist attraction, and we keep on hating/pittying ourselves and not revolting , Acting to better things? ( Yes, we all can act towards a better society/country/planet. What do you do?)


You are missing the point:

I consider bad marketing when one asks: Why r u proud to be Greek? and the answers come about why u r not proud to be Greek!

Update 3:

Knarf G: May be you should listen to the naive sometime.

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    Let's start from respecting our cultural tradition and history. Greece is not "souvlaki, mousaka and Greek salad", Greece is the eternal monuments, the museums, the archaeological sites, which are unfortunately neglected and insufficiently promoted.

    We mostly export an image of the entertainment (the Zorba kind) one can have in our country, the sun (as if the other Mediterranean countries lack of sun in summer), the food.

    The touristic promotion of our country is always in the wrong hands.

    We must stress out our cultural tradition and the uniqueness of our heritage, as Spain, France, Italy and other countries do, and they always have a high level tourism.

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    Your country isnot a piece of merchandise to market. If this were said about MY country, I would take it as an insult. And critisizing what you don't like is the first step to make it better. Why should you withhold this from your homeland?

    And I don't agree with Somerlo. Greece IS souvlaki and musakka and Greek salad AND Kazancakis and Mikis Theodorakis (I'm sorry for my ignorance about more contemporary artists) because these are living values, not long dead marble monuments that have become mere tourist attractions.

    The value behind the marble (the architecture, the philosophy, the written keepsakes) is Greece. Please prevent others from treating you like an exotic animal. Exotism is not knowing the real you. Take it from us, we have been the victim of the Orientalism movement in the West for hundreds of years.

    I also agree that what we, the people, produce today is what counts. The past is just something to take example of and to surpass.

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    Greek business's were exposed in UK a few years ago..

    for way overpricing for Food and Accommodation....

    General cheating of tourists

    and worse of all a numerous Insurance scams where Holidaymakers went to Greek Doctors with a tummy upset and ended up having totally unnecessary Major Surgery and Organ Removal..

    Whatever happened to the Hypocratic Oath?

    They have an uphill struggle to regain market share lost to Turkey..

    Maby the Greeks should NOT be so Proud to be Greek..and show better service to Visitors...

    My best friend's wife is Greek and I visit often...They would agree with these comments..

    My girlfriend is Turkish....It's really cool...Catch up Greece..

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    Now days the Greeks only thing have to show are the Ancient Ruins of their Ancestors of which Christianity Tried to tear down Lucky they did not do a good job they are proud of Being Greek But they do not Believe their Greek Gods they Believe The Jehovah's ! Other wise they have nothing to show of their ancient culture the beauty and art they had you can't see it now days their remotomia of their cities are like a Greek salad nothing to be proud of and it hart's to see what they have done !

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    Greece is too expensive - more smiles would win tourists over - and no ripping off the tourists!

    I agree with the answerer above - Greece should be marketed to a higher level of tourists - no more drunken resorts PLEASE!


    If you wanted answers which were not along the lines of tourism - your question should have been worded differently, Here I was thinking there was a real question about travel/tourism lol

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    There really isn't much to see in their country. You've got the old antient ruins, and not much more. Quite frankly, Athens is run down, the people are rude, they treat their women like 2nd class citizens and it isn't a very pleasant place to visit. Hard to market something when there isn't much enticing about it.

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    Sorry, I have never heard in my country somebody to want your name.

    On contrary, your people having one, want to earn second name, the my country's name - Macedonia.

    You are Greeks, we are Macedonians. End of a story.

    Source(s): Look into your eye, no into your neighbors one
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    I don't agree with your aspect.

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