Are these the symptoms of a bad ignition coil?

I have a '93 accord 180K miles, and I'm having a problem that I think is a weak ignition coil, but I'd like a second opinion if it could be anything else, before I waste $80 on a new coil.

-The symptom-

The car idles and runs well up to about 3k rpm's. After that it starts getting real weak. Around 3.5K - 4K rpm's it just is so weak it can't climb any higher. Although if I rev it in neutral I can get it higher.

-What I've tested-

-The fuel pressure is great, even at high rpm's

-The timing is right on, freshly adjusted.

-Good Compression

-K&N filter cleaned recently

-Brand new plugs (correctly gapped)

-Brand new spark wires

-Distributor cap&Rotor only about 6 months old and look good.

-Ignitor only about 6 months old (last one died)

I tested the coil with a multimeter about 6 months ago (before this problem) and it had tested as good as a new one. Haven't tested it since though because I heard thatisn't always accurate.

So does the coil look bad, or could it be something else?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Even though the coil seems to be working,the spark plugs are not getting enough voltage at higher RPM or when going to high speed. At normal operation the spark plug only needs about 5 to 20kv. The ignition coil must have a reserve higher voltage on demand as the RPM goes to redline. Recheck your ignition coil on both primary & secondary circuits. Hope this helps.

  • gary o
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    1 decade ago

    Is probably not the coil, as would effect low RPM operation as well. Could be a contaminated mass air flow sensor. sometime the oil form the K&E air filter can contiminate this sensor so it needs to be cleaned or replaced. try some cleaner formulated for this purpose. also at higher RPM you need really good aif flow in and out. so check your CAT or muffler for restrictions.

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