Reptile questions, please help!?

1. Explain how the dry, scale-covered skin is an adaptive advantage for reptiles.

2. Most reptiles lay between one and two hundred eggs at a time. Amphibians lay thousands of eggs at a time. What is the adaptive advantage that reptiles have that allows them to lay fewer eggs at a time on land?

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    dry scaly skin prevents drying out of skin tissue, helps absorb heat and is also difficult for a predator to bite through. spines also help avoid predation

    reptile eggs have a hard shell so they are more durable and can be laid on land. They can also be buried. This helps prevent predation. For both reptiles and amphibians, the babies are on their own from birth, so any advantage as an egg is a good one. For amphibians, the sheer number of eggs means that even if they die, are eaten or washed away, at least a few will make it to continue the species.

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