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y is this?

when u ask a question on yahho answers it takes points away and when u finally reach like 262 points 2 get 2 leavel 2 ur # of points u need goes higher so its like ur never goin 2 get 2 leavel 2 y is this???

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    There has to be a balance. If questions were free then people would go crazy asking useless questions. Asking a question cost 5 points, picking a best answer gives 3 back, and answering someone else's question gives you another 2 and you break even. Give best answers and you get an additional 10 points. Sounds fair.

    Since I am 4 times above level 7 your statement does not make much sense. As you go up in points and levels you are allowed to answer more questions. It finally reaches unlimited. You get 10 points for each best answer. Click on your points or level and you will see a chart that explains the system.

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    Well the idea is because they take points away you wont be tempted to ask like 10 questions a day and not answer any. The reason why the further levels you get the more points you need to go to the next one is because its a way of Yahoo to make you come back, answer questions and get points to advance. Its the yahoo answers life cycle!

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    Ask less questions, answer more questions, and you'll get more points. You get to Level 2 with 250 points. When you get there, the points thing will change to "Points to get to Level 3" and it'll have 750 or less. You get to level 3 when you have a total of 1000 points. And on, and on.

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    Thats just the this site is...

    -5 points for asking a question

    but you can make the points back easily

    3 points for choosing best answer on your question

    1 point for logging into Y!A

    2 points for answering someone else's question

    1 point for voting

    10 points for getting picked as best answer


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