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Is it okay to put artificial plants in a guinea pigs cage?

My cousin is putting artificial plants in her guinies cage.

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    No, this is a very bad idea.

    Guinea pigs are very attracted to eat things that are not edible. It's kind of funny, they have this odd attraction to plastic bags.

    It's highly likely the guinea pig will eat the plant, and get very ill. It can cause intestinal blockage, which could lead to death.

    Some people put decorative vines around the outside of the cage, at the very top. As long as it's up high enough so they can't reach it, it would work.

    Source(s): Experienced, and loving Cavy Slave.
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    confident its wonderful we've 2 guinea pigs too Jellybean (mine) and Curly (my brothers) yet because of the fact that there's a metallic section on the backside on the cage and im uncertain in case you could pry it off.. possibly whether it ought to take an prolonged time and an extremely sturdy guy.. yet we purely placed newspaper on that section so their little ft dont fall with the aid of.. and often i placed observed dirt.. yet that makes them icthy so i dont use it plenty in basic terms for my hamsters yet yah they like it.. you need to additionally take them on walks?.. and enable them to play out interior the grass? From a puppy loving abode =] =] <3

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    NO IT IS NOT! Even if they can't smell it, that won't prevent them from having a bite at it.

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