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Did I do this Algebra question correctly?


The numbers after the "^" are powers.

I got the answer 36qp^3-100q^3


Nevermind I redid the problem and I think the answer is 36pq^3-100q^3.

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    Close. Unless I'm really rusty on algebra, it seems like your exponent on "p" is off by one. You multiply "p" squared times "p" squared. So you have p^(2+2) = p^4.

    The correct answer would then be

    36qp^4 - 100q^3

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    You're almost correct.


    = 4q(9p^4 - 25q^2)

    = 36qp^4 - 100q^3

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    Execute FOIL upon the latter of the problem then mutilply by 4q... to obtain answer of (36qp^4-100q^3).

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    4q(3p^2 - 5q)(3p^2 + 5q)

    =>4q(9p^4 - 25q^2) = 36p^4q - 100q^3

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    Just multiply both numerator and denominator by 3p^2 -5q and then simplify.

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