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What does the song Apoligize mean?

The song Apoligize, by Timbaland Feat. One Republic, what does it mean? Is She breaking up with Him, or is it the other way around, or are they not breaking up at all?

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    This is what Ryan Tedder (lead singer) said about the song. The song "Apologize" explores the personal pain of multiple relationships gone away and the necessity of moving on. Its on myspace if you dont believe me

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    One of the guys in the band (guitarist) was dating this girl and the girl went and cheated on him with the lead singer, and the gutarist who was orignially dating the girl went back and found the lead singer and her making out and the fgirl was to apologize but it was too late and time ran out.

    Not a true story by the way.

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    i think its about a girl who keeps hurting a guy..and she has done it too many times that there is no way she can apoligize now..its just too late

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    Not sure,

    I think the girl has cheated on the guy or done something wrong and the guy is basically saying "you're not forgiven".

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