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What other extra missions are there in Grand Theft Auto Vice City for Xbox?

The Game says that I have campleted 55% of the game but I can't find any other things that would be any possible missions. I have bought alot of the businesses as well but I just can't find any extra missions. I have already also killed Lance Vance a while ago, and my last competed mission is Cabmageddon. Please Help Me!

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    What you need is to "unlock the ending". The game doesn't do a good job of telling you what to do, but luckily the strategy guide and people on the internet have spelled it out for us.

    You need to get 5 assets. 4 are required, and the 5th is your choice.



    Film Studio

    Print Works

    Kauffman Cabs

    Optional (pick one):


    Pole Position

    Sunshine Autos

    Cherry Poppers

    (I suggest you do the Boatyard. It's the easiest one; one mission and you're done.)

    Don't forget, you can't just buy them. You have to buy them and do any missions that come with them to turn them into "assets" which means they will make money for you to pick up each day.

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    i played that game like years ago i forgot

  • Anonymous
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    fire truck, ambulance,army((need a tank or police car or police van))and i think thats it i own that game and beat

  • 5 years ago

    oohw.. to hard of a question.. i have that on ps2.. i can never find them all... .. .. ... ...on yea best GTA game.. i ever played.. their are rumors on gta VI in NY again... i cant wait :)

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