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family closeness?

I don't know how to get close to my family because we are so different, but it hurts me that we are not close. We have never been close. I mean we talk almost everday, but we don't talk talk. Like about important stuff, I've just never felt comfortable really talking to them.

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    Each day, pick one family member and one thing that you feel is important to talk about, not general daily family chit chat, and make a point of having the conversation with them. Just one family member and one small conversation a day. Tell them something about them that you appreciate that you have never told them before. Ask them a question about their lives, something you wouldn’t normally ask. Taking baby steps is the best way to build trust and closeness. Good luck x

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    sometimes i've got self belief family contributors closeness and different circumstances i don't. i'm the oldest of 6 babies. Me and my youngest sister are 12 years aside. My father and mom have remained married all those years. we are all adults now with families of our very own. 2 of my siblings are gay. some human beings are married and a few human beings have babies. a pair human beings now even have grandchildren. I stay the farthest from everyone else interior the family contributors. it is uncommon that we call one yet another (except there's a family contributors disaster) and we don't celebration at one yet another's residences. I do stay approximately 6 hours from everyone else so it is confusing for me to aim to try this. i could % to be closer to my family contributors (i'm not speaking distance). telephone calls, playing cards, visits could mean the international to me. i'm often the final to comprehend while some thing is going on and it is totally hurtful. considering the fact that i don't comprehend your loved ones undertaking, i can't tell you in the event that they're regular or not. in the event that they're something like mine, i could say no. yet, on the comparable time, I easily have additionally heard some truly undesirable issues approximately different peoples' families .. so "regular" is confusing to define in immediately's international!

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    bad thing is we cannot chose our family but we can our friends some families are not close ever. some after a aged parent passes end up totally distant as if the parent was the only true tie. dont try too hard to be family try acting the way you do with your friends and that might help. think of your siblings as new friends and start a relationship over that way just flow with it

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    Follow your gut feelings!

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