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did i not grow an inch or 2 because of my intense weight lifting?

dad 6' mom 5'2" and im 5'5" and sometimes close to 5'6" when im slouching back, sitting down

i think im would have been clearly 5.6 or 7 if i hadn't

i did a lot of 12.5lbs dumbell lifting and 70lbs lifting weights on a machine when i was 13 and 14


i feel that i should wear 2 iches more because if a 5.7 wears 4 inches, i should be wearing 6" because im 2" shorter than her

Update 2:

i get taller when i slouch because of the spine elongation when i stand up after that

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    There hasn't been any scientific evidence proving weight training and shortening height, although almost everyone I know who does weight train regularly, me included, pretty much stopped growing at the time...

    I think whats more important is ur eating habits. Ever since I started weight lifting in high school, my diet absolutely sucked and I didn't eat anything. So maybe that explains y everyone started to grow and I stopped...

    Also, you could try improving ur posture to make urself 'look' taller. stick ur chest out as high as u can and depress ur shoulder blades (lower them - opposite of shrugging like you would do when u say "i dont know")

    Reevaluate ur eating habits and maybe ull c the problem

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