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how far away is united palace theatre in manhattan from penn station?

i looked on mapquest and it wouldnt tell me, i need help ASAP! thanks....oh yeah and cna someone please tell me about how much you think a taxi would probably be from there?

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    The United Palace Theater is on 4140 Broadway (near 175th Street) in upper Manhattan (Washington Heights).

    Your BEST bet would be at Penn Station to take the "A" train uptown to the 175th Street Station and walk over one block (east) to Broadway. You would be near the GWB Bus Terminal so that area is busy.

    You could do it by cab, but being so far uptown expect to spend about $16 - $20, guesstimate.

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    It's about seven miles at 20 blocks to the mile. Cab would at least $15 and closer to $20 between 5 - 8PM

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