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It is official! Do you think THIS officially makes me a BAD MOMMY .... ??

While I was "tied up" here on YA ..... my 5 year old daighter decided to give her 3 yr. old sister a new haircut .....

I guess I am officially a bad mother now, right ....?

In my own defense, I was pretty certain that my 4 cats were supervising them .... it sure looked that way, anyway ......

In fact,one even tried eating the hair off of the floor ....

What do you think ....?

Thanks! xoxoxoxo


Correction: My DAUGHTER .... At least I know how to spell :)

Update 2:

Skittles: LOL! Well, I guess I am not alone .... :) Does your cat like his "new look" ... ? lol

Update 3:

Keiko: She is in kindergarten and was using the "kiddie" scissors !!! I had no idea they were that sharp! Thanks! :)

Update 4:

Ella: What a cute story! :) I am pretty happy that I did NOT get mad or yell at them ... I just said: "Okay! Say goodbye to the scissors!" :)

Update 5:

JC College: Yes, it is the cat's fault!! LOL :)

Update 6:

Amoreena & Wolfkiss: LOL!!! And I do have a dog .... can I blame her, too? :)

Update 7:

BTW, I did not give anyone a TD .... I love all of your answers ... :)

Update 8:

***** TO ALL ******

These are ALL great answers [w. the exception of "Jan"] ... so if you come back, PLEASE VOTE, because I have no idea who to give BA to ..... Thanks !!! xoxoxox

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    When my daughter was about 5, I was babysitting another little girl about the same age. They decided to give each other haircuts using her kiddie scissors. I was horrified not only because my daughters hair was chopped, but I had to explain it to the little girl's mom as well. She took it pretty well, just laughed and said that's kids for ya! I guess all kids go through that stuff.

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    lol you are not a bad mother! Things like this happen all the time! When I was little my sister gave me a haircut, my mom said we were upstairs playing and it got too quiet (never a good sign) and she came up and my sister was cutting my hair with baby scissors. And then this doesn't have to do with haircutting but it shows that kids do things all the time and we can't always been watching them but they know better. I left my 4 year olds in the kitchen finger-painting while I run up stairs to put my niece down for a nap and then got some laundry to throw in the wash and come back down and the kitchen table and a chair had been painted a lovely shade of brown with a few other colors in it, thank god it was washable!

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    You're not that bad. Most kids experiment with haircutting (myself included) around that age. Just tell people you were doing something useful like washing dishes or mopping the floor, and when you looked up...there goes the hair.

    But really, the cats should learn to take some responsibility. There are 4 of of them can look up from licking paws and keep an eye on them.

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    My daughter did the same thing to herself when she was just shy of three years old - I was recently separated, my in laws thought i was evil anyway, and her dad had taken her with him when he got his hair cut.

    She told me she did it because she wanted to look like him - the day before she was off to spend thanksgiving with the soon to be ex inlaws.

    My then best friend - and now spouse - found it hilarious. I didn't. The beautician down the street was able to salvage it, but she looked like a boy for months.

    To top it off - you think she'd have learned - she cut her own hair again at age 11 - the bangs this time - and when I was able to level them out, they were SOOOO short!

    Now she's grown and cut her hair again, but did it straight and it looks fine - lol!

    My nephew cut his brothers hair - they were 5 and 3 - his punishment was to come to our house, have my spouse get out the clippers and give him a buzz cut. Luckily it was summer though.

    If the kids giving each other haircuts makes us bad parents, then there are a LOT of bad parents out here inthr world.

    Welcome to the ranks!!

    (Could have been worse - our family has this trait/tradition for the eldest child of each generation to spill a whole bottle of perfume in the middle of the bed at the coldest point of winter. Usually around age 2. My uncle did it - I improvised and poured it into a flashlight first - my nephew did it. And funny thing? Looks like he'll be a dad first - muhahahaha! I'll have to remind my sister of that)

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    No, you're not a bad mother. Kids do stuff like that all the time. You could go to the bathroom and come back and the house can be covered with chocolate syrup or flour. Eventually they'll grow out of it. My house looked like a pig sty for a few years when my daughter was Ms. Scientist/Explorer. She also cut a chunk of hair off her head, right in the front. A pretty good bald spot. I don't think she liked how everyone reacted so she hasn't done it since. Good luck!

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    My sister gave me a hair cut when we were younger. My mother had to take me to the barber shop (only place open) and I was the first girl around with a "beatle" haircut! You are not a bad mother at all. Kids find a way to do whatever they want even if you think you are watching them all the time. Have fun with your little ones! They grow up way to fast.

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    My older sister gave both my brother and my other sister haircuts when they were little. My 12 year old has given herself a haircut about every 2 years since she was 2 (I'm crossing my fingers, we're approaching the 2 year mark in April). Join the CLUB!

    I don't think this makes you a bad Mom -- There is NO WAY to watch them ALL the time. And no matter how much you think you've put all those things away -- it still happens.

    This is one of those kids will be kids things. Hopefully it was with nice rounded kids scissors so you don't have to have eye-missing nightmares about the pointy ones.

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    I teach foster parenting classes for the State, and one night my husband was watching the kids while I was at a class When I returned home I looked for my 3 year old daughter and didn't see her. My husband was watching sports on TV. I asked my husband where she was and about that time she came out of the bathroom with one side of her head all chopped up. So while I was out teaching other people how to be good parents, my husband was at home failing miserably.

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    It doesn't make you a bad mom at all. Children do things like that.

    I used to be a hairdresser, and I have seen mommas bring kids in the salon in the same situation. Basically, what we'd do is even it out and try to comfort Mom by showing her all the different ways that it can be styled.

    The best thing to do is to take your daughter to the salon.

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    No you are not a bad mother but you probably got a little too tied up in YA and lost track of time so the girls got bored! No real damage was done since it is only hair and will grow should be careful with them being able to get access to scissors though. It could have turned out much different while you were not watching.

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